Introducing ‘My Forte’: a full music documentary series

Introducing ‘My Forte’: a full music documentary series

After a slate of film festival successes following the November 4th premiere of Love: Music, filmmaker Kaili Rose has announced the continuation of the project: a series of 12 short documentary films, addressing pivotal topics in the music industry, is slated to begin production this month in Toronto. Working with a diverse roster of artists across the U.S. and Canada, the indie filmmaking team plans to release an entire series addressing unique artist and insider perspectives within the music industry. Production will take place in Toronto, Nashville, Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego, and will involve regional music festivals, record labels, recording studios, stage crews and artists from all walks of life. 

Aptly named My Forte, the series takes a look behind the scenes to explore untold journeys in music — from definitive challenges and sacrifices to against-all-odds success stories. The series walks through firsthand case studies and artist interviews, juxtaposing live footage and real-world anecdotes direct from artists and bands. Exploring topics such as women’s challenges in the music industry, pandemic comeback stories, artist burnout, the evolution of digital technology in music, LGBTQ successes and the modern (and often misunderstood) dynamics between choosing to work with a record label or remaining independent.

12 films will be released, each addressing a pivotal topic that can lead to magic and synergy or result in a dramatic downfall.

Rose comments on the series’ development: “I wanted to build an authentic account of the music industry from the perspectives of those living it — day in and day out. As fans and consumers of modern music, I believe that we owe it to our favorite artists to understand and appreciate what it really takes to make music… what they experience, sacrifice, celebrate and strive for.” 

Leaning away from the sensationalism and extreme polarization of your typical music documentary, the series wants to bring light to the “more normal stuff” in a musician’s life, including regular challenges and the unbiased experiences of those who devote everything to their music. 

“We often see depictions of the big industry issues: huge record labels at odds with big-name artists, the do-or-die stories of legends in music… the fame-in-the-making biopics. It’s the big stuff, the splashy stuff, that tends to make it into the documentary film world,” continues Rose. “But, what about the challenges and perspectives of everyone who isn’t Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus or Ozzy Osborne?”

The first film of the series, Love: Music, has received nine Official Selections, three Semi-Finalists, and a ‘Best Director’ accolade in the three months since premiering. C. Cimini of Maharashi International University states, “Love: Music is an authentic, vibrant and captivating take on the music festival from a brand-new perspective. As a filmmaker, Rose translates her dazzling photographic style to the story that rarely gets shared. We want more!” You can watch the entire film for free below!

My Forte is currently seeking artists interested in contributing! If you would like to be involved in the series, you can learn more here. Top Shelf Music is an official partner for the series, so stay tuned for future premiere dates and behind-the-scenes content. An IndieGoGo page is also set up to help fund the series, complete with merch, digital screenings and access to exclusive artist Q&As – even exclusive opportunities to join them on-set and contribute to the series!

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