Meet Maka Roots: man of conscious roots & livity

Meet Maka Roots: man of conscious roots & livity

Maka Roots has been an essential constituent inside the melting pot of great San Diego music, performing live for over three decades with the likes of Pato Banton and beyond. Maka Roots’ musical career has taken him from California to Hawaii and back, playing keyboard in many bands before his solo debut.

Elevating and empowering reggae music — that’s the Maka Roots experience.

With the recent release of Roots Tonic back in November, Maka Roots is now up for a prestigious San Diego Music Award (and, believe us, in a city overflowing with talent, it’s an achievement just to be nominated), so we wanted to touch base with the veteran reggae artist. Here is what Maka Roots said on his projects, his ambitions and his ongoing pursuit of Peace, Love and Unity.

What was the driving force behind your recent ‘Roots Tonic’ album?

  • My love for reggae music. The ever-present inspiration from the pioneers and foundation artists of Jamaican reggae. The wisdom and teachings from the Elders of Ras Tafari. All of these are the constant force that compels I to do Jah Works and create upful music.

Released last year, how did the quarantine affect the album? How did you celebrate it?

  • I released the timely single “Things Will Get Better” at the beginning of the pandemic. During that time, I continued to record the final tracks for Roots Tonic. I did a livestream listening party on Coronation Day to celebrate the release.

It sounds like you’ll be celebrating this year at the upcoming San Diego Music Awards! How does it feel to be nominated?

  • I give thanks and feel fortunate to have been nominated and look forward to celebrating with my Bredren that contributed their talents to Roots Tonic at the awards ceremony.

As a longtime San Diego resident, how do you feel about the city’s ever-evolving reggae scene?

  • The reggae scene is great in San Diego and, thankfully, an elder reggae ambassador like myself can still find opportunities to perform crucial roots reggae and promote Ras Tafari Livity and set an example for the youth to follow. 

What’s next for Maka Roots?

  • I will continue to record and release music and perform live wherever and whenever. To make a joyful sound and promote truths and rights. Reggae music for life!

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