Get to know rising EDM artist Belau

Get to know rising EDM artist Belau

Hungarian up-and-coming EDM duo Belau is currently climbing the European charts. Naturally, us Americans better fall in line! Comprised of creative forces driven by Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas, Belau blends traditional electronica music with a heavy doses of self-awareness and the world around us.

It’s as if you feel natural elements of water, fire, wind and earth as you take in Belau’s vibey discography.

Speaking of, Belau’s debut album The Odyssey quickly led to a Hungarian GRAMMY win in the ‘Best Electronic Music Album’ category — a much-earned feat. Now with their sophomore album Colourwave out (in spite of COVID delays), we wanted to know what was next for the dynamic electronic duo. Here what Belau said.

Your music is so evolved! How would you characterize or define your unique sound?

  • B: We always had a musical concept in each Belau era. Usually, it’s a blend of live and electronic music, with some exotic instruments and lovely female voices.

How did it feel to win a GRAMMY for your debut album?

  • We were glad to win it, but, fortunately, have some other great experiences and stories with the band when we toured.

Let’s talk ‘Colourwave’ — what was the inspiration behind your second album?

  • The main inspiration is travel, but it could be a film, series or just a picture and, of course, life. We have a concept that each album captures the vibe of a different geographical region around the world. The first one had a Mediterranean mood; this new one has some Caribbean influences.

The new single “Luz” seems like you’re gravitating toward Latin and Afro-Cuban influences. What spurred such change?

  • Yes, we just released the Deluxe version of the album and wanted to have something really special… something which is spiritual. That’s how we found Sexto Sentido, but for the next releases, we’ll also have some new sounds.

What can fans look forward to from Belau?

  • Currently, we’re working on our third album and trying to make those concerts [happen], which we couldn’t last year.

Purchase or stream ‘Colourwave’ (Deluxe Edition) album:

Belau – “Risk It All” ft. AMAHLA

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