Mellow Mood resurfaces with “Laser Sight”

Mellow Mood resurfaces with “Laser Sight”

Italian reggae masters Mellow Mood have returned with the perfect modern jam to ease you into warmer weather. “Laser Sight” — available across all streaming platforms now — fires off its message with strength from the very beginning. It is a song reminding us to always keep our focus forward and make sure to never lose sight of our goals. “Laser Sight” blends a familiar roots feel, while exploring how modern instruments and dancehall vibes can reinvigorate a song, completely changing the feel of the track while staying true to its origins. The new tune was, of course, produced by Mellow Mood’s resident producer, Paolo Baldini, and released via La Tempesta Dub in partnership with Oakland-based independent label Ineffable Records

After closing out 2020 with the single “Mr. Global”, 2021 is seeing twins Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia bring focus back to their writing and their ability to promote a positive and productive narrative. Written by the Garzia brothers, “Laser Sight” features an explosive combination of dancehall vibes from the early days of reggae with roots-driven contemporary drum machine beats, braided throughout old-school, rocksteady live drums. All of this sitting on top of a spellbinding bassline pulse.

Add in the encouraging and hopeful lyrics and the result is genuinely electrifying!

The Garzia brothers have also released a music video to go along with “Laser Sight”. The way the video was filmed is fairly unique, since the twins seem so fluid in front of the camera. With the camera flying by, Lorenzo and Jacopo move in and out, back and forth, switching between who is in front of the lens in such a seamless fashion… it’s hard to even notice sometimes that a new face has moved in and begun singing! It adds quite a bit of enjoyment and refreshing vibes to the track. 

Leading the way for reggae artists all over the world, Mellow Mood has been pushing to create more conscious and positivity-driven music over the years and, after 2020, the more positivity we have in this world the better! The brothers reference the “year that shall not be named” in the lyrics for “Laser Sight”: “All dem mad man thing cyaan do nothing fi break I // 2020 bad, it cyaan do nothing fi break I // 2021, di whole world waan reach far // All of that mad man stuff can’t break me // 2020 was bad, but it can’t break me // 2021, the whole world wants to reach far”. That last line speaks to me the most. So much was taken from so many people these last 12 months and it has shown us how fragile and valuable this one life is. After being indoors and under a ceiling for so long, so many people are hoping 2021 is the year we can not only reach for the stars again, but finally grab them. “Laser Sight” is proving to be the anthem needed for just such a moment in time. Keep an eye out and be sure to follow Mellow Mood on all socials for the latest about upcoming projects. 

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