SoCal’s Safety Orange says “We Can Live Like This”

SoCal’s Safety Orange says “We Can Live Like This”

Southern California surf buddies Sol Turpin, Greg Karlo and Jessie “Tato” Tate — collectively known as Safety Orange — have just dropped their newest original single “We Can Live Like This”, with all the vibes needed to help you embrace summer. Hitting the shores with a beach-friendly blend of rock, reggae, rap, punk, ska and basically anything else that will get the people dancing, the track was released under the band’s own independent label, Wabasa Records. This quality boardwalk ballad was also recorded, mixed and mastered all in Turpin’s home studio in Ocean Beach, California. 

With Sol on vocals and bass, Greg rocking the guitar and Tato keeping time on the drums, this new single from the power trio adeptly shows off the skills the band has when it comes to creating their individual sound. Lead singer Turpin describes the original jam as, “An anthem to living by the beach, doing what you love, spreading the love and appreciating what you have.”

Appreciating what you have seems to be such a lost art these days.

Everyone appears to be obsessed with the concept of ‘more’ without any understanding of the notion of ‘enough’. These SoCal rockers are doing everything they can to try and change that. 

For those who have never made it to the coast, the visuals cast by this song are sure to be the next best thing. There really is something about being that close to the water. It has a way of putting things into perspective and fueling a mindset of appreciation. The vastness of the ocean that goes on for what seems like an eternity tends to show you how small you are, subsequently helping you to realize the things in life most important. It’s a trippy feeling that only the mighty ocean can create. 

One of the more important messages that Safety Orange tries to push with “We Can Live Like This” is the concept of spreading love. We are living in such a volatile state of mind right now, where everyone is so untrusting and guarded. The only way we can break down those walls is by continuing to push the power of love to anyone and everyone. One way the track can be interrupted in my head is by pointing out that we, as a society, do in fact have the ability to live as if we all care about one another. Somewhat saying, “Loving and respecting everyone? Yeah, we can live like this.”

Safety Orange is setting themselves up to be a summer 2021 staple.

Whether we are socially-distancing or not, these funky groovy beach rockers are going to be there to take you to either coast you want, spreading good vibes and positive energy every step of the way. Be sure to support Safety Orange by subscribing to the band’s Patreon page, where you can be the first to hear of new projects and shows!

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