Motionless in White welcomes all to the “Cyberhex” era

Motionless in White welcomes all to the “Cyberhex” era

It’s time to join the resistance and become “Cyberhex”. With their triple headlining tour Trinity of Terror underway, Motionless in White enters a new era with their latest single, “Cyberhex”. It’s so futuristic-sounding, with all the synth and digital effects. Theres a computer A.I. voice midway through the song that says, “Initiate Cyberhex, eliminate threat.”

This song gives me some serious post-apocalyptic vibes.

My take on this song is that the world has so much negativity and division in it right now that’s tearing us all apart… That’s why it’s time to all come together. Unity is the only way you can fight this “evil”. As the song goes: “The only way to win is to re-connect.” I could be totally wrong, but that’s what I love about music: it’s about how you personally interpret the songs, the way it hits and resonates with you. No song will ever mean the exact same thing to two people.

The bridge to the breakdown starts with, “Do you wanna live? (Yeah) // Are you willing to die? (Hoorah) // When heaven falls, I will be your light // Love will survive // In this hell, you are my paradise, BLEH!” I literally live for Chris Motionless “BLEHs” and I think this is my favorite “BLEH” yet. It’s so heavy and there’s so much emotion behind it. The breakdown part of the song is so heavy, it will give you a gnarly bang-over. 

With the release of the song, they also dropped a “multi-sensory music visualizer experience”, which you can watch below! The video takes place in a dark, abandoned-looking city that has billboards and signs saying “Cyberhex, Join the resistance”. This is the type of positive propaganda that you love to see. The band is shown playing in a sort of hidden headquarters, which gives it even more of an eerie, post-apocalyptic vibe.

I honestly felt like I watched a trailer to a new dystopian movie or something… and now I need to see more!

Four days before the drop, Motionless in White socials teased us by posting a “broadcast” to inspire “rebirth, reconnection and, most of all, resistance” to get us hyped up and prepared for this new era. In a statement on their socials the day of the release, Chris Motionless said, “’Cyberhex’ is my love letter to you, our fans, for everything you have done for me over the course of some of the most mentally taxing few years I’ve had to go through. At times where I felt like my world was ending, as well as the world around us, it was always in my mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we have created together for help and I cannot thank you enough for that. Outside of my own personal experiences, it has been equally as fulfilling to me to see that in the face of tireless forces that continue to try and perpetuate hatred and negativity towards so many of us coexisting on this planet, we have all stood together to resist and fight back, knowing that love and compassion will always prevail. We ARE the resistance. We ARE Cyberhex. I love you. Thank you.”

With this song debut, the band also dropped a whole merch line, including shirts, hoodies, shorts, leggings, beanies, lanyards and even PopSockets. You could have a full “Cyberhex” drip! Motionless in White’s sixth album, Scoring The End Of The World, is set for release on June 10th; until then, we are all “Cyberhex”. Be one of the first to hear this song live by purchasing tickets to Trinity of Terror Tour with co-headliners Ice Nine Kills and Black Veil Brides!

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1 year ago

Hi, new subscriber here! I was googling what cyber hex was really about and your page popped up! In a big big way I agree with you unity is the answer! And with unity comes love! this is one of my favorite songs by motionless. They’re probably my favorite band Chris has some of the best bleghs! And they’re ALWAYS actual bleghs! This song hits me in a way as a type of love song “I found asylum inside your Armageddon eyes id kill to kiss your Apocalypse” “when heaven falls I will be your light love will survive in… Read more »

Jenna Shaw
1 year ago
Reply to  Reba

Thanks, Reba! That means so much and we totally agree with you!