Music Unites: Reggae Around the World, Volume 4

Music Unites – Reggae Around The World is back with the fourth installment of their charity-inspired reggae compilations. Volume four is a representation of the diversity within today’s reggae genre. Tracks by rising reggae artists Leilani Wolfgramm, the upbeat English band Gentleman’s Dub Club, and the always smooth Kevin Kinsella all help to create an important and special record. The album also features Fortunate Youth, KBong, The Expendables, Kings and Comrades, Third World, the list of respected reggae artists goes on and on.

Volume four is a representation of the diversity within today’s reggae genre.

Music Unites released their first volume in August of 2013 and have not looked back since. They have combined the music’s widespread acclaim and their mission to come together and help others to raise money for a worthy cause. This compilation consists of thirty songs and is available for the generous price of $4.99 on iTunes with all proceeds going to Music Unites, a non-profit music organization that assists kids with underfunded music programs. Further proving that reggae music is not only a relaxing, spiritual activity but it also has the potential to be a catalyst for enacting positive change.

  1. Here Come the Kings – Morgan Heritage     
  2. 96 Degrees (feat. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley) – Third World     
  3. Beauregard Dub – Ashes of Babylon    
  4. Peace Love & Unity – Fortunate Youth     
  5. Come Undone – Backbeat Soundsystem    
  6. Dancehall Days – The Beautiful Girls     
  7. Emergency – Gentleman's Dub Club
  8. Zombies in America – The Expendables     
  9. Time to Get Over – Maoli   
  10. Don't Toy With Me – Kevin Kinsella  
  11. Movin' On – Mike Love   
  12. If You Only Knew (feat. Tim Wu) – Ease Up     
  13. Thy Will Be Done (feat. Jo Mersa) – Etana   
  14. Rock and Sand – Sensamotion     
  15. Malama Aina (feat. Peni Dean & Matt Liufau) – New Reb     
  16. Love – Irie Love   
  17. Children of the Sun – Hip Abduction   
  18. 100 Weight – Tatanka     
  19. Roller Coaster – Micah Brown     
  20. Livin' Easy (feat. Stick Figure) – K Bong  
  21. Rebel – Leilani Wolfgramm   
  22. Young One (feat. Jeremy Anderson) – Sun Dried Vibes     
  23. Most High – Irie Fuse   
  24. Ghetto Chick – Ital Vibes  
  25. Get Away (feat. Karim Israel) – Kings and Comrades  
  26. Sunbeam – The Ark Band    
  27. Solutions – Sol Seed    
  28. Glass Helicopter (feat. David Dixon) – Signal Fire     
  29. Rude Make Livin' – B.P.M.  
  30. Hold Steady – Lady Reiko & The Sin City Prophets 

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