Valentines Day “I and I” Playlist volume 2

It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air, especially when you’ve got our annual Valentine’s Day playlist rocking your night away.

As Fortunate Youth simply put it, “Love is the Most High,” which comes in all shapes and forms, so this year we’ve also included a dash of peace and unity.  Go ahead and cozy up with your special person or pet, pop open that bottle of bubbly, and spark the sweet sensimilla while the silky smooth sounds of New Kingston, The Green, Iration, and Rebelution set the mood for a romantic evening.  Although most can argue that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than Babylon’s attempt to promote consumerism, we can all agree that love is worth celebrating each and every day.

Even if you are anti-Valentine’s Day, turn up our “I and I” playlist, as it’s sure to have you feeling irie.

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