New EP from The Holdup now available

Since the formation of the current lineup in 2008, San Jose’s finest reggae infused band The Holdup, have monopolized the market for summertime hits. So the group’s latest EP, fittingly titled Have A Good Summer (which dropped on August 26th), comes just in time for the band’s loyal fan base to enjoy their last few weeks of summer with. But for those previously unfamiliar with the five-person group, the new EP perfectly represents The Holdup’s unique musical concoction derived from the reggae, hip-hop and alternative genres. A mix that has proven to be very successful, with three of the group’s previous albums debuting at the top spot on iTunes’ Reggae Charts.

The Holdup have set out once again to prove that they are the kings of summertime reggae.

The EP’s title track “Have A Good Summer” is both incredibly catchy and unapologetically nostalgic. Upon first listen, the song’s sparkling clean production becomes apparent right away. Singer Mike Garmany’s smooth vocals provide a nice top layer over a deliciously bubbly instrumental. And while the first two thirds of the song abide by the reggae rulebook, The Holdup show why they are one of the most versatile bands in the genre when, around the two minute mark, the instrumental comes to a halt and only Garmany’s vocals and the thumping of a bass drum are audible.  Then suddenly the sound of a crisp electronic build-up comes to a head, inducing a moment of pleasurable anxiety that can only be topped by the ensuing drop and the song’s uncanny ability to recreate the fondest of summertime memories in the heads of it’s listeners.

With the title track and the accompanying songs on the EP, The Holdup have set out once again to prove that they are the kings of summertime reggae. And while some fans may be disappointed that the EP only consists of four songs, may I remind you that the group has already released five albums in their short time together, each with its own distinct style. The band’s ability to create their own unique sound, mixed with lyrics that are both catchy and carefree bode well for another success with “Have A Good Summer.”

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