Tribal Theory brings high energy wave

Even though illness can weigh one down, music always seems to uplift the mind, body, and spirit. That is exactly what happened to this reviewer at the Tribal Theory show at the House of Blues in Downtown, San Diego on August 22, 2014. Sure, the sun has been causing scorching hot weather in Southern California, but this six piece band brought the high energy wave to the coastal city!

this six piece band brought the high energy wave to the coastal city!

Top Shelf Reggae arrived just in time to catch Tribal Theory in their hometown. Wow, what a crowd! Not only does this band have one of the most beautiful crowds in the Reggae scene, but their fans support the positive, uplifting vibe that is Tribal Theory. With three front men who were dressed to impress that Friday night, Tribal Theory appeared to give their audience what they wanted!

The band pretty much started the night with their hit song, “Reggae Party.” Along came other high energy songs which not only makes one jump on his or her feet, but makes one feel the connection between band and audience. The entire band appears to connect not only with making music, but making their fans happy – even, excited! This all-ages show even included a young girl who appeared to be around eight years old and her father come out and cover Bob Marley’s, “Three Little Birds.”

Tribal Theory gave a birthday shout-out to one of their people and even invited her on stage, and also gave props to their merchandise honey (wife of a front man) who ended up being very busy selling out of merchandise after the end of the show! The band had played an encore which included covering the popular song, “Rude” by Magic. Their fans sure loved that!

Tribal Theory is currently in the run for “Best World Music” for the San Diego Music Awards happening Monday, October 6th. Voting is available online which gives people enough time to check out this high energy band and decide if they are, indeed, the best after their album, Hell of a Night won “Best World Music Album” last year. For more information, check out their website.

Tribal Theory

Photo credit Jenny Martinez

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