Oogee Wawa releases “City to City” single

This past week, I had to opportunity to sit down and listen to, take notes and ultimately write a review of Oogee Wawa's new track, “City to City”, which just was released this Friday, June 22nd. What a perfect birthday gift!! “City to City” is a track pretty solidly created for the fans after years of loyalty and intense touring; the regular people that became brothers and sisters to the guys and also a little musical politics are thrown in. The track is a smooth, crisp summer anthem about the love formed through music and the bonds that don't seem to have a chance at being broken.

The track is a smooth, crisp summer anthem about the love formed through music…

To quote Jesse Lee, the bands lyricist, “This track tells the story of why we tour city to city.” Long Island-based Oogee Wawa has quite a following and like many of the east coast bands I write these articles or pieces on, they, as well, have to work extra hard to be placed on the same level playing field as other bands. This new track stands and delivers some musical insight right in your face: it lets you know just what it is like to be overlooked, told 'no' without being heard first and simply dismissed. The lyric that hit me the hardest is “you didn't know reggae music had a CEO”… that totally resonates with a statement I hear regularly when speaking to non-'roots' musicians. Not every band is trying to 'fit' that mold and Oogee Wawa is at the tipping point of this, along with Bumpin' Uglies and Tropidelic. If you're trying to hear actual life struggles, issues that we deal with like depression, addiction, sobriety, failure, success and love, then look no further than the three bands just listed.

The song “City to City” is only the beginning of many amazing new releases from Oogee Wawa and I can confirm that this track lifts you up pretty instantaneously. Catch the guys on tour this summer!

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