Oogee Wawa releases “City to City” single

This past week, I had to opportunity to sit down and listen to, take notes and ultimately write a review of Oogee Wawa's new track, “City to City”, which just was released this Friday, June 22nd. What a perfect birthday gift!! “City to City” is a track pretty solidly created for the fans after years […]

Oogee Wawa’s summer single series

Alternative reggae band Oogee Wawa has made a name for themselves by combining positive vibes with music to start the party. Always pushing for new ground between genre barriers, the five-piece from Long Island twists traditional reggae on its head with elements of pop, punk rock and hip hop to get their unique, yet infectious […]

Oogee Wawa “Feelin Alive Today” official video

Just after releasing their latest studio album titled More Sand Than Money, New York based hip hop, alternative, reggae mashup band Oogee Wawa just dropped their official video for the second single “Feelin Alive Today.” The high energy track boasts an equally cheery video. Featuring a wide range of local personalities, the video is nothing […]

Oogee Wawa ‘More Sand Than Money’ album review

Oogee Wawa from New York has released their album, titled More Sand Than Money. The band claims to fuse reggae, punk, pop, and hip-hop together and that is exactly what they did in this latest-released album. Hip-hop and rock music is apparent throughout the entire album, and blend well together. A slight skank exists here […]

Oogee Wawa & Arise Roots bringing sweet reggae to San Diego, CA

On Thursday, March 20th in Ocean Beach, San Diego, two bands played at Gallagher’s Pub for reggae night- Oogee Wawa from Long Island, NY, and Arise Roots from Los Angeles, CA. Oogee Wawa plays reggae-rock music with hints of hip-hop, while Arise Roots plays straight roots reggae music! Oogee Wawa had a familiar, Sublime sound, […]