Oregon awaits 10th Annual Beloved Sacred Art and Music Festival

Oregon's most unique EDM and world music party, the Beloved Open-Air Sacred Music Festival, is about to go down less than two weeks away! Tucked away in a serene and stunning forest-meets-the-coast enclave a few miles east of Tidewater, the four-day unity fest is gearing up to spread harmony, consciousness, and equality to all who attend this August 11th-14th. Grounded in spirituality and togetherness, the focus of the festival is to bring world issues and social injustices to the forefront set to a world music soundtrack – and danceable beats, of course.

The fest proudly illuminates social injustices, spiritual guidance, and mutual concern for one another.

One thing to note about Beloved, is its dedication to gender equality when it comes to its artists. Far too often, males dominate the music scene, featured heavily throughout most festival lineups regardless of genre. Beloved founder Elliot Rasenick says it's dire time that a gender balance is created, promoted, and maintained within the music industry.“We’re proud to invite groups and projects that feature front women and female musicians,” Rasenick explains. Out of the 45 music acts set to perform at Beloved 2017, a whopping 26 are female-led. Although a sensitive and serious issue, Rasenick has a sense of humility about his mission, claiming, “The irony that you’re quoting an educated white man right now is not lost on me, but we really do work to present voices that are too often less heard.” Underrepresentation of women

And, it's not just gender equality that the 10th Annual Beloved Art and Music Festival shines a light on! The fest proudly illuminates social injustices, spiritual guidance, and mutual concern for one another. When it comes to performances, no set overlaps – thus, equal opportunity, even when it comes to listening! But, it's more than that: Beloved preaches the message behind the music, and its intrinsic meaning to each culture and community. Bringing together beats from around the world, the 10th Annual experience proffers Malian, marimba, Thailand influence, Latin and Pan-Latin, Japanese instruments, Yemeni harmonies, North African trance, Appalachian song, Tuvan throat-singing, and good 'ol roots reggae, among seemingly endless other musical denominations. Notable global acts scheduled to perform are Amadou & Mariam, A-Wa, Fémina, HuunHurr Tu, and more alongside EDM artists Captain Planet, Nickodemus, Deya Dova, and House of Hamsa. Beloved breaks conscious music even further with Heart of Devotion and Sound Healing genres, many of which feature an acoustic guitar player accompanied by a pan flute or a didgeridoo. Let the meditation begin. Beloved's final musical subcategory in the 2017 rundown is “Roots Reimagined” artists, such as The Abyssinians, Arietta Ward & the Voices of Greatness, Dezarie, Everyone Orchestra, House of Waters, Jah Levi, One Tribe Movement, Sara Tone, Zena Carlota, and Tubby Love & Amber Lilly. Needless to say, each performance is set to bring forth inspiring calls to action, cross-cultural collaboration, an accepting atmosphere, and personal growth through song and dance.

With this solid blend of divine vibes, Beloved also will offer interactive art installations around the arena, as well as live painting, local organic cuisine, and educational workshops. Daily workshop topics range from yoga to music to eco-ethics, encouraging a better understanding of the world and its cultures through shared knowledge and discussion. The planet is only going to prosper with the combined effort of its people working as one. Educational programming will also highlight the featured musicians and their unique stores, as well as wisdom of ancient cultures and how this wisdom still applies today.

Considering this festival is one of peace and solidarity for all, its naturally an all-ages event. Beloved is also a camping festival, with increased parking and camping capacity new this year. Tickets are still available at this time, but are selling out fast – so lock your spot down sooner than later! For more information, visit www.belovedfestival.com.

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