Simpkin Project announces new album Beam of Light

Orange county’s Simpkin Project possesses a sound that seamlessly utilizes reggae, blues, rock, and Americana. Beam if Light, the band’s upcoming LP, features the six band guitar-fuzz-driven, drum-pounding songs that their fans have grown to love. The LP, produced by Rellee Hayden, is due out on September 22nd, 2017 under on VP Records’ Dub Rockers. Pre-orders will be available on August 11th.

“This album is our most collaborative effort yet.”

Looking for that vintage, rich sound, the band used classic amplifiers, mics, equalizers and other recording instruments to pull off the sound, while still utilizing the conveniences of the digital format. Speaking about the album, the band commented, “Throughout this record we wanted each song to feature some unique sound or instrument that would distinguish it from all the other songs. We recorded old school Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, pianos and guitar amps, an assortment of timeless microphones, preamplifiers, custom compressors and one of a kind equalizers mixed by using some of the best analog equipment available.”

The song writing process was equally as eclectic said Phil, “This album is our most collaborative effort yet. Every member of the band gave input and ideas on every track. It was also our first time working with an outside producer, Rellee Hayden (New Kingston, Gyptian, Etana), who collaborated on a number of tunes and added his ideas and expertise to the album.”

Head over to Huffpost to listen to the premiere of “Beam of Light Mixtape”.

The Simpkin Project “Hustling” official video

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