Pacific Dub releases “Riptide” single

Whether you are cranking up the dial on the radio ready to hit the open highway chasing waves down the coast or you’re ankle deep in the kiddie pool you’ve fashioned into a makeshift oasis to hide from the winter, Pacific Dub’s latest single “Riptide”, distributed by Ineffable Records, should definitely be added to your playlist. The So-Cal reggae-rock group is well-known for their quintessential coastal rock vibes, which they accomplish with catchy hooks, heavy rock-n-roll inspired riffs, soothing hip hop breakdowns and a smooth rhythmic reggae undertone that ties it all together.

Pacific Dub has a natural lyrical ability to inspire working through hard times…

“Riptide” stays true to that recipe and shows off the band's genuine objective in creating innovative alternative-rock-reggae while sharing a message of love and peace. Specifically here, keeping yourself above water when times are tough. Pacific Dub has a natural lyrical ability to inspire working through hard times; even if the lyrics depict a trying journey, their tone is upbeat and positive, making it easy to sway along to in the sunshine while still grasping the significance of a long trip back to a love after months away. This relatable message is brought to life in the first lines, “I’ve been lost up in my ways and I’ve been walking all around up in this daze // It feels like I’ve been missing a crucial part of me // Everywhere I go, I can’t help but feel incomplete.”

The riptide analogy is whimsical and puts a unique spin on the feeling of pulling ourselves out of the hard times: “Because I’m caught up in this riptide // Trying to make my way back // Make my way back // And, I’ve been up all night // Trying to get back on track, get back on track.” Kaleidoscopic instrumentals carry us throughout the melody and add a wavy, atmospheric spice that extends past the track and shows off the collaboration and growth as artists since their formation in 2008. The happy sounds and unique presence, combined with a nonstop stream of work in the studio and onstage, has earned the band a fair amount of street cred in the alternative-rock-reggae community, supporting the likes of Dirty Heads, Iration, The Movement and Rebelution.

The single is now released and up for grabs on all major music platforms as of Friday, Dec, 14th. Fans can also catch the guys on their Guide You Home Tour now and at festivals such as One Love Cali Reggae Fest coming up in February. Stay up-to-date at for tour dates, festival appearances and keep up with Top Shelf for more information on a full album release date coming to you soon.

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