Pastor Ayu pledges 365 original songs in 365 days

Pastor Ayu pledges 365 original songs in 365 days

Washington D.C. has been thrust full-throttle into the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the nation and rightly so, considering that is where country leaders reside! This fight is long overdue to be resolved and fed up citizens are taking to the streets to voice their anguish for the atrocious death of George Floyd (and countless other citizens of color) who have died at the hands of uniformed officers. Enough is enough.

Coinciding with this revolutionary time in U.S. history is Pastor Ayu…

Coinciding with this revolutionary time in U.S. history is Pastor Ayu making big moves: a former lawyer and returning citizen turned man of the cloth, Pastor Ayu preaches the Lord’s truth over hardcore hip hop beats. That’s right — Pastor Ayu is an independent Gospel trap artist! Not only is Pastor Ayu talking the talk, he is certainly walking the walk, challenging fellow rappers around the nation to disrupt the music industry alongside him as he unveils 365 new, original, high-quality singles in 365 days. The songs set for release range over a multitude of genres, mainly hip hop, yet all centered around Christian morals and values.

That’s a tall order. Yet, Pastor Ayu — even over this short quarantine time — has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Let us elaborate. Since the lockdown, Pastor Ayu dropped his debut studio EP Pray It To Existence in March, only to follow it up with the release of his first book entitled Home Is What You Make It: Poems From The Quarantine one month later! By May, Pastor Ayu officially announced his #RapChickenChallenge, issuing the forthcoming dare to renowned rappers like Kanye West, DaBaby, Migos and more. Donations for the campaign are currently being crowdfunded through Indiegogo and Kickstarter, so if you believe in Pastor Ayu, now is the time to help his cause!

Considering the heavy racial tension currently circling media airwaves, Pastor Ayu deserves ample recognition for his uplifting artistry and dedicated efforts, now more than ever. For more information on Pastor Ayu’s works, please visit the links below.

Pledge to the #RapChickenChallenge:

Buy the book:

Purchase or stream ‘Pray It To Existence’ EP:

Pastor Ayu – “Holy Ghost Music” official video:

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