Fyah Roiall explodes in “Energy” single

Fyah Roiall explodes in “Energy” single

Up-and-coming Jamaican artist Fyah Roiall defies classification, mashing UK grime with American trap and dancehall into something new, dubbed ‘grimehall’. Grimehall — or traphall, depending on preference — is a rising trend for JA artists, taking modern twists from other parts of the world to mix with traditional Caribbean music, rendering edgy rap-reggae paired to Patois like never before. Fyah Roiall, born Brandon Wedderborn, leads the movement forward in his forthcoming Underrated album dropping June 19th off Easy Star Records, debuting his work with two singles already available!

Unveiling his first single “Nobody” to spur album pre-orders, Roiall doubles down this week with “Energy” — a forceful track commanding attention for his craft. What’s his secret, Roiall asks? “Energy, energy, energy.” As synth horns hammer away in the background, like marching into battle, Fyah Roiall combines so much sound and salacious commentary that the listener has no choice but to recoil with an inadvertent “oh my god”. For “you cannot fuck with my confidence”, Roiall retorts; lyrics are “fresh from my mind”.

With such an authoritative stature, Roiall leaves no room for failure.

Roiall states of the album: “Myself and my music are all one in the same. I am my music, my music is me. If you truly know one, then you know the other; it’s that deep.”

Both “Nobody” and “Energy” singles are available on all digital outlets. For those interested to be one of the first to check out Fyah Roiall’s Underrated album when it drops on the 19th, pre-orders and pre-saves are also possible. For more information, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream “Energy” & “Nobody” singles:

Pre-order ‘Underrated’ album:

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Cover photo by Emerald of – MELBOURNE MINUTE

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