Pepper, Tribal Seeds & FY team up for Nice Dreams Summer Tour

What’s summer without good music? Every year, there is always a landslide of outstanding summer shows to keep any reggae-rock lover busy (and consequently broke). It gets to a point where choosing one over the other can prove to be quite challenging, for reggae FOMO is the WORST. This summer season, however, Pepper, Tribal Seeds, and Fortunate Youth have made the decision pretty damn easy for you. You heard that right – it’s the trifecta of all reggae-oriented trifectas, going down in select cities across America. The dynamic energy of reggae-rock gods Pepper, meets the down to earth vibes of Tribal Seeds, topped off with the infectious thrill of a Fortunate Youth show. What could be better, you ask? Oh, you haven’t even heard who the openers are yet.

…the trifecta of all reggae-oriented trifectas, going down in select cities across America.

Starting at Boston’s House of Blues on August 17th, the national Nice Dreams Summer Tour kicks off with direct support from one of the biggest and most bangin’ bands on the rise, Darenots. And, this tour is a massive one: 22 shows across 14 states in 39 days. Who needs sleep? Summer is expiring! From the northeast, the four bands head south to four shows in Florida before the Darenots tap out and Aloha Radio tags in for the Seattle show September 12th. ‘Bout time a rocker chick gets in on the action and adds some sassy female flair! From Washington, the tour heads south through Oregon to Norcal, jumps over to Arizona, backtracks back to Paso Robles to head straight to Boise, the big SLC, and conclude September 24th at the venue of all venues – Colorado’s majestic Redrocks Amphitheatre. Too bad there wasn’t any love left over for Southern California… bummer. Maybe next time, SoCal fans. 

For full details, see the complete tour list below. Cheers to fantastic times in great weather, so keep summer alive by surfing this end-of-summer tour wave when it hits your town.

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