Pepper: Winter 2014 San Diego show review

Pepper Winter Tour San Diego Belly Up

Pepper did not disappoint this packed house at the Belly Up Tavern

Pepper played in San Diego County for two nights in a row while touring the Western parts of the U.S. for a winter tour! Although Pepper hails from Hawaii, they have been known to call San Diego their second home, and that remains true to their loyal fans located around Solana Beach where the band often sells out two-nights of shows! Pepper did not disappoint this packed house at the Belly Up Tavern for Night 2 of Pepper classics and newbies!

Lionize is a rock band from Maryland who accompanied Pepper on their winter tour which started in Central California, and migrated towards Idaho, Utah, and Colorado before coming back down to play twice in San Diego, and end in Santa Ana, California! Pepper is promoting their latest, self-titled album, and indeed played such songs as “Higher Ground,” “Hunny Girl,” and “Illuminate.” Some notable classic Pepper songs were “Bring Me Along,” “Love Affair,” “Nice Time,” “Dry Spell,” and “Crazy Love.” Pepper even played “Ashes” but didn’t end on that song like they usually do—in fact, can you guess which song the band ends on now? If you guessed one of their hit tracks from their latest album, you are almost there in catching Pepper play hit songs off their latest album, and classic tracks at a show near you! Simply check for a Pepper show as they spontaneously cruise around the USA, such as in Tempe, Arizona in March, and The California Roots Music Festival in Northern California in May! For more info on Pepper music, visit their website.

Pepper and Lionize Winter Tour Belly Up San Diego

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