Radical Something accents Matisyahu

California band Radical Something sure knows how to bring some rock music mixed with some hip-hop to the beach area. When they performed at the Belly Up in Solana Beach on Sunday, Oct. 26 and opened for Matisyahu, we here at Top Shelf Reggae did not know what to expect. Was this night going to consist of reggae music for hardcore reggae fans? Well, the night did include reggae music, but there were such a mix of genres that music from both Radical Something and Matisyahu sounded more like a world music festival was happening.

Radical Something definitely has a modern-rock sound, and the addition of hip-hop adds a definite California vibe. The band is actually like an appetizer for the upcoming music of Matisyahu, so the fact that these two are touring together in the current Built To Survive Fall Tour makes complete sense.

Matisyahu is obviously adored by his fans as apparent by this sold-out show. Fans love Matisyahu, but appear to especially love the man behind the music. We can’t blame them when music by Matisyahu is talented, both by band and the man.

Matisyahu is obviously adored by his fans as apparent by this sold-out show.

Admittedly, the band blew this reviewer’s mind, particularly with the lighting that accented the music. Mostly, there is tons of talent behind both how the band plays and how Matisyahu sings. His lyrics are captivating and at times soothing, and his performance mixes in a slight hip-hop touch. Matisyahu adds these ingredients to some dancehall reggae, attributes his Jewish heritage, and creates a wonderland of world music that is powerful and again, captivating.

Radical Something with Matisyahu

It appears the man behind Matisyahu loves to perform, and allowed people from the crowd to join him on stage during his encore performance of “One Day.” It got a bit out of hand, but Matisyahu kept going and everything ended well. Or did it? Well, it didn’t necessarily end because even after people started to leave, the band kept playing. Matisyahu performed an after-party performance and it definitely made the remaining fans happy, possibly even David Arquette when we spotted him leaving with a smile.

The Built To Survive Tour is still happening. For more information, check out Matisyahu's website.

Photo credit Jenny Martinez

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