Revival releases second single “Beauty in Disguise”

San Diego-based roots reggae band Revival is gearing up for their third full-length album release and in doing so, is leaving little tastes of the record along the way. On October 28th, the eight-member band premiered their second single “Beauty in Disguise” off their much-anticipated upcoming album, following their first single “Beautiful Monster” on August 30th. As the two releases and dub remixes (psychedelically re-mastered by Tribal Seeds’ E.N. Young) circle the digital and online universes, the album hype is amplifying.

Even though the background remains mellow, the forefront is anything but

Both songs focus on faith in times of despair and the fact that life is unpredictable; “Beauty in Disguise”, in particular, illuminates being lost in the dark. But even in the worst of times, there will always be someone there to lend a helping hand and guide you to salvation. That might sound like Revival is preaching scripture, but they’re more reassuring that everyone has a friend when in need. The dancehall reggae backbone – mixed with the brassy tones of a trumpet and trombone – makes the listener sway to a slow and steady beat, easing their mind into a better state. Even though the background remains mellow, the forefront is anything but: the lyrics are at times screamed at the listener, projecting the urgent and important message that “you’re not alone.” Rest assured – Revival is “the only friend you need tonight”.

Produced by a solid team at Roots Musician Records and recorded out of San Diego’s Imperial Sound Recording Studio, Revival is about to make major waves on the reggae waters. The album release date has not yet been set, but both singles are currently available for purchase and download on all digital outlets.

“Beauty in Disguise” by Revival

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