Rebelution’s Kyle Ahern releases “You And Me”, ft. The Elovaters & Kings and Comrades

Rebelution’s Kyle Ahern releases “You And Me”, ft. The Elovaters & Kings and Comrades

I want you to close your eyes. I want you to think back to a special someone in your life. Doesn’t have to be romantic or anything, just someone special. Someone you can truly say you loved. Imagine yourselves on a beach enjoying the sunset, an adventure through the woods, a delirious laugh on a long road trip. Nothing else mattered in that moment; nothing else was important. The only thing you and that special someone where focusing on was the joy and love right in front of you. Those are precisely the vibes and emotions Kyle Ahern explores in his newest single “You and Me”, featuring New England’s The Elovaters along with Kings and Comrades of Philly.

You may know Kyle as the lead guitarist for the globetrotting, GRAMMY-nominated reggae rock group Rebelution although lately he’s been making a name for himself with a few of his own fire solo singles, including “Island Girl” (feat. For Peace Band), “At What Cost” and “Looking for Some Light” (feat. Iya Terra). You may also have seen him in one of his truly dope multi-instrumental music videos on YouTube, displaying a wide list of spot-on covers, as well as a handful of original riffs and jams. In his newest release, Ahern dives into the importance of companionship, stating “this song is about thinking back to a memory with a special person you have met in your life and realizing nothing else mattered except the love shared together in that moment.”

Raised on the Jersey Shore, Ahern has had a deep love for music his entire life.

And, at only 25, he has had a hell of a ride as a musician so far! Officially announcing his solo project and music under his name, Kyle does a tremendous job kicking things off with “You And Me”. As stated, the song represents that deep need for companionship that we all seek. Everyone needs that one true confidant that we can open up to and be vulnerable with. Kyle remembers that person in the opening verse of the song: “Thinking ‘bout you and me, under the trees. With the stars up above and I can’t get enough.” He continues to sing about letting go of cares and worries — living for the day. At the end of it all, that’s all we get. Those individual moments of pure joy and happiness, surrounded by love. The second half of the song tells a story. Recounting that moment of locking eyes from across the party with the one you are meant to spend forever with… making it known that if the vibe is right, the love comes easy.

“You And Me” comes through with the solid vibes that Kyle has been bringing to his music for years.

The technical skills displayed in his music show the dedication and heart he has developed since he first picked up an instrument. The new single definitely stands up on its own two feet, tall enough to put him right along with the giants he has been covering and working with throughout his time in the industry. They taught him well, let’s just say that! “You And Me” is enough to bring you to spending more time with the one you love or to get you thinking about that one that got away.

With more on the horizon, be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for Kyle Ahern’s newest project, dropping soon!

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