Roots of Creation pairs with Mighty Mystic in “Light It Up” party single

Roots of Creation pairs with Mighty Mystic in “Light It Up” party single

Chart-topping, international reggae rock group Roots of Creation have teamed alongside Jamaica’s own Mighty Mystic to bring us the epic, brand new stoner party jam, “Light It Up”. Amping up the fire instantly out of the gate, this dub-infused single sparks a beat that is rolled up nice and tight; before you know it, you have already started bobbing your head and swaying your hips. Lose yourself to the rhythm. Currently based in New England, reggae artist Mighty Mystic (born Kevin Holness) takes charge with shouts for everyone to get their lighters in the air and “light it up”! Coming in strong behind Mystic’s growl, Roots of Creation skillfully sets the tone for the entire song with the opening chorus “damn it feels good to be alive, when you’re living free and feeling high. Throw your hands into the sky and light it up!”

The vibes definitely don’t stop after the opening lyrics.

A beautiful set of horns calms things down, if only for a brief second, before Mighty Mystic sets off to ignite the party all night until the sun lights up the sky the next day. This track is exactly the cut-loose song needed right now… it’s all about having next level fun. “Light It Up” does its job of getting everyone onto the dance floor, breaking out the spliff and Bacardi and bracing ourselves for an epic evening. Having worked together previously on 2016’s “Policy”, Roots of Creation and Mighty Mystic have developed a chemistry that tactfully delivers messages in strong and impactful ways.

“Light It Up” is the latest release following Roots of Creation’s last project, Grateful Dub: A Reggae Infused Tribute to the Grateful Dead. A masterpiece of an album that revives the soul of Jerry Garcia, RoC reworks some of the Dead’s most beloved classics in a reggae-dub style. It’s an album flooded with influences from RoC’s deep love for the genre, as well as their admiration for Grateful Dead music. Giving the album the beautiful depth of feeling and emotion that is needed for a Dead tribute was the legendary five-time GRAMMY-winner Errol Brown in the studio. Allegedly, the entire mixing and producing process took a lightning fast 26 hours! That is insane! Brown gained recognition back in the 70s recording a long list of powerhouse artists before joining on at Tuff Gong Studios as Bob Marley’s engineer. Brown is currently traveling the world as the FOH Engineer for Rebelution.

Roots of Creation brings such an infectiously high-energy level to their music and “Light It Up” does not disappoint by any means. It really does bring the party and it makes it that much harder to wait for more new music from these guys. The way they are able to blend together reggae-dub sounds with woke lyrics, livened up by energetic horns and drum tracks that punch you in the face is respectably one-of-a-kind. Roots of Creation always finds a way to get the booties moving and bring fans from all over the country together for their live shows. Look out for new music from Roots of Creation dropping soon.

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