Mighty Mystic makes colossal waves with ‘Giant’ album

Do you take your roots with a side of riffs? Paired with a soulful piano ballad? Dished up with 90s R&B basslines? The Massachusetts-bred, Jamaican-born Mighty Mystic delivers his “Hard Roots” version of reggae: a musical cornucopia in which he seamlessly joins roots reggae and timeless themes with more modern, mainstream sounds and lyrics.  Songs […]

Mighty Mystic ‘The Art of Balance’ album review

Mighty Mystic took the world by storm in 2006 after achieving international stardom from the hit song “Riding on the Clouds.” However, it wasn’t until four years later that the release of his first album Wake up the World rocked the genre. Wake up the World boasted several standouts, such as “Revolution,” “Riding on the […]

Music Unites – Healing of a Nation

Supporters of good reggae music, cannabis connoisseurs, and those who enjoy the feeling of donating to charitable causes will most surely be fans of the fourth edition of Music Unites’ reggae compilations. Titled Healing of a Nation, the album features 20 tracks by some of the biggest names in the reggae scene with proceeds from […]

Mighty Mystic “Happy” music video

Summer is not quite over yet. Mighty Mystic just dropped their official music video for the track “Happy” off their latest album Concrete World. The surprisingly uplifting video squeezes the very last bits of summertime out of the calendar year. But fear not, crack open a beer and slip on the flip-flops because Mighty Mystic […]

“Cali Green” official music video from Mighty Mystic

The second single off the Concrete World album set to drop this month from Mighty Mystic gets its official music video just before the album release. The track titled “Cali Green” is a solidly produced, slow tempo, head bobbing track that pays homage to, well, you guessed it, “Cali’s green.” Mighty Mystic has turned himself […]

“Cali Green Mix” by Mighty Mystic

VP Records, the geniuses behind the Dub Rockers Compilation released in August of 2013, just published an amazing mix to their SoundCloud featuring many hard hitting acts like John Brown's Body, J Boog, Mighty Mystic, SOJA, and the list seemingly goes on and on.  The mix spans nearly an hour and a half, so crank […]