Run The Fire debuts with smoldering “Lay Low” single

Run The Fire debuts with smoldering “Lay Low” single

Brand new to the music scene, trip hop/electronica band Run The Fire out of San Diego has released their first single “Lay Low”, in preparation for an upcoming seven-song EP dropping in mid-February. Beating the eardrums in a way similar to the likes of Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead, Run The Fire is setting themselves up for an ascent that really could be special to watch. They have taken a specific type of music and morphed it into something they can call their own.

Run The Fire uses talent and skill to bring an entirely different vibe and edge to the genre of electronic music. 

Back in 2020, San Diego-born composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Kyle D McMahon was looking for a singer to finish off his latest project. After reaching out in a Facebook group, Belarus-native and singer-songwriter Alexandrina Vasilkevich was the one to reply. After conversing for a bit, the connection was instant. Alexandrina puts it, “[Kyle] sent me a few music tracks with some ideas and the future song ‘Lay Low’ was one of them. I immediately felt so connected to the melody, that I quickly wrote a vocal melody for it and then we began to work on the lyrics and record the song. It was super fast and easy. The song is about being lost in this modern world and, at the same time, about the hope to find yourself back. There is so much going on around and all of us from time to time feel lonely, feel so lost. We hope that this song brings our listeners an outlet for their emotions, as well as hopefulness that the darker times will pass, too.”

The duo recorded the track at a local home studio and are currently releasing their music independently. Alexandrina and Kyle also filmed and released a music video for “Lay Low” that you can watch below!

I now want to go back for a moment and talk about Alexandrina’s comment about “being lost in this modern world”…

That sentence seems to resonate pretty hard with me. It does feel like a lot of times this world is moving too fast and things are getting more and more complicated with every passing day. Technology changes constantly; no one can keep up with politics anymore; it just seems like the only thing that all of the advancements of society have done is shoot ourselves in the foot. It is such a confusing time and it seems too difficult to see a way to move forward. However, one thing that Alexandrina is quick to remind us — there always needs to be hope for a brighter future. There needs to be a hope that “the darker times will pass, too.” Without that hopeful mindset, we are destined to succumb to the darkness.

Run The Fire has introduced themselves into the realm of trip hop music with a track that is surely going to launch these two into a world they have only dreamed of. It fulfills all of the demands of the genre and then some. I, for one, am totally onboard and cannot wait for their new EP to be dropped soon!

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Run The Fire – “Lay Low” official video:

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