Same Same But Different 2022 drops loaded Phase 2 lineup

Same Same But Different 2022 drops loaded Phase 2 lineup

Those in the southern California area are starting to be well aware of the inexplicable majesty that is Same Same But Different Festival… or perhaps you’ve taken a whirly-twirl with its sister fest, the Mustache Bash in the heart of San Diego. At both events, you’re welcomed with weird, overwhelmed by spectacle and overloaded with disco house beats. It’s the soul of the 70s met head-on with the inhibitions of Burning Man — set to the best soundtrack around. Familiarly called SSBD, the fest is now in its fourth edition on the shores of Lake Perris, California, tucked neatly away from the LA crazy and the San Bernardino smog. At least we think so… haven’t taken the air quality measurements in previous years… The point is, SSBD is a convenient getaway, mere miles from all the main urban areas and yet isolated enough to bring about a lush, ‘getaway’ vibe.

And, don’t forget to bring your lake floatie!

Seriously, there’s a contest on the best floatie and everything. You’ll also want to be hitting the water, because although the fest takes place the early autumn weekend of September 8th through the 12th, it’s most likely going to be a bazillion degrees. It always works out like that. Never fear, though, as SSBD is stocked to the brim with shady recluses and fresh coconuts (which is particularly delicious to drink out of at the Coconut Lounge, dancing away to the beach deejay). Between two main stages and a side stage that goes very late night (we’re talking 3 or 4am, people), yoga classes, immersive workshops and ceremonies, and, of course, all the lovely people you’re camping next to, there isn’t a moment of boredom at Same Same. Ever.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet — the lineup. SSBD has brought greats to the stage in the past, but they’ve never gone this far. The fest’s new installment began to take shape an announcement in early Spring, unveiling that Chromeo, Tipper and more is signed on for the 4th Annual. Yet, little did anyone expect a Phase Two on the horizon! Chromeo’s live set is now being back-to-backed with Griz for Friday night!! Not only that, but another ultimate B2B is happening for the closer on Sunday night — enigmatic Vulpeck is paired with The Glitch Mob (and I’mma gon’ have to call out of work Monday…). More throughout the weekend is Beats Antique, Washed Out, Moon Boots, Neil Frances, Emancipator, Poolside, Lettuce, The Polish Ambassador, The California Honeydrops and SO many more, it’s too numerous to list. Just see for yourself:

And, believe it or not, there are still tickets left. At this point, SSBD 2022 is at 97% capacity, so get your passes now if you want to join this slice of solace in September! GA passes are as low as $125 for single-day tickets, with an option for upgrades (if that’s your fancy). For more information, visit the links below or

SSBD 2021 official after-movie:

Top Shelf curated SSBD 2022 playlist:

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