“Gimme Love” says The Elovaters in new single

“Gimme Love” says The Elovaters in new single

Boston’s finest, The Elovaters, returns to the spotlight with their newest single “Gimme Love”: a sensual, stripped-down track that oozes sex and begs to be called on for a date night/late night ambient background vibes. Officially released at midnight on Friday, August 5th via Full Belly Records, the steamy song was available for pre-listening Thursday morning, with a secret YouTube link accessible only by texting GOODLOVE to (339) 218-3455. 

Did anyone do it or was it just me, like five times?

If you did text in, you were greeted by lead singer Jackson Wetherbee before being directed to the band’s community platform to register your name and email, with further instructions to add “The Elovaters” to your contacts (say less). The listening link is immediately texted right back to you, including a cheeky insider message that reads “pls don’t share. Enjoy!”. This marketing model is as fun and exclusive as it is effective; the video boasted over 1.3k views, 300 likes and 45 comments on YouTube within the first hour its release. 

With lyrics that melt listeners, “Gimme Love” is about both sex and love, with twangy acoustic guitars and punchy drum fills — courtesy of heavyweight drummer Nick Asta — that punctuates the intimacy of a couple that’s truly, madly, deeply in love. “Much more than your beautiful face // I’mma love you for all my days,” Wetherbee croons, as lead guitarist John Alves dishes out blooming licks that make your hips wanna move in more ways than one.  

Wetherbee’s juicy, maple syrup tenor speaks on loving in the morning, afternoon, evening and late night, with even references to Slightly Stoopid’s famous song “2AM”. It all paints a vividly intimate look into the daily and nightly musings of a man obsessed and beyond enamored with his paramour. The love they experience colors every aspect of the couple’s existence, even making the sunset sky a religious experience, evidenced as Wetherbee croons, “Give me loving in the early evening // Sun rolling in through the window bleeding // Colors that can make me cry // Looking at you and I feel alright.”

A solo pitstop on The Elovaters’ leg of the Let’s Get It Kraken Tour (supporting Dirty Heads, SOJA and Tribal Seeds), the quintet played the legendary Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach yesterday to a sold-out crowd, cementing their mainstay status and guaranteeing future shows in SoCal for eager fans. Continuing to ride their wave of success, Dirty Heads‘ own Jared Watson confessed his affinity for the Massachustts natives in an interview with Top Shelf earlier this week: when asked who was at the top of his current Spotify queue, Watson answered — without skipping a beat — “The Elovaters”.

Find “Gimme Love” on all digital streaming platforms and text (339) 218-3455 for instant pre-listening access to all the band’s future releases. 

Purchase or stream “Gimme Love” single:

The Elovaters – “Gimme Love”

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