Sensi Trails release “Purpose” single, feat. Nick Sefakis

Sensi Trails release “Purpose” single, feat. Nick Sefakis

Southern California band Sensi Trails, a notable name on-the-rise, has unveiled a smashing new single as of today entitled “Purpose”, featuring Nick Sefakis. Sefakis, lead guitarist of renowned reggae rock band Iya Terra, not only lends a hand in the single (well, two, literally… with his guitar), but also guest spots on a vocal verse!

Sensi Trails frontman Kyle Rising comments on this new contemplative track, “The theme of this song is inspired by people questioning their existence. Many people search every day trying to find their purpose,” Rising continues, “when really, they need to look within themselves. The song goes on to tell that all of us have an underlying purpose to teach, inspire and spread love throughout the world.”

And, questioning existence it does.

“Purpose” starts with a dubby intro: pairing high and low echoes over a “purpose” chant, the track unfolds with indigenous sounds, like taking a deep dive into the human psyche through sound. Our need to understand our existence dates back to primal times and certainly hasn’t ever been solved by the brightest minds. As synth, bubble organ and playful keys blend with wailing guitar, an audible yin and yang is created — the gravity of being human versus the ethereal light of the metaphysical. We do not know what exists behind the veil. We are “all searchin'”, Rising states, so might as well make the most of our time here on this planet for the “life we live is very short”. In comparison to how many lives have graced this planet over the breadth of our existence… yeah… each one is an overwhelmingly fraction of a decimal to the overall timeline.

How do we deal with our humanity?

Well, over the length of this quarantine, we, as humans, have all seen a lot of error in our ways. This time of reflection has led to better systems, improved relations and visible repairs to our environment. Now is the time to realize our greater potential! As Rising gives way to Sefakis in the third verse, the yin and yang is evident once again, with the reassuring baritone of Sefakis’ voice balancing Rising’s melodic path thus far — even upping the tempo with a rapped style of lyrical delivery! As “peace, love and unity” reign supreme as the general mantra, lest we forget, this journey began as an interpersonal exploration into the mind. As the synthy keys take centerstage, Sensi Trails creates an amalgamation of sound on the bridge. It’s another contrast of assurance and chaos, of harmony and disharmony — a royal battle of the id and the ego. What shall become of our existence and why are we here? Who’s to say. But, hopefully you learned something of your “purpose” along the way.

“Purpose” is now out on all digital outlets as of today and make sure to follow Sensi Trails via the links below! Enjoy this highly applicable song, right in time for summer.

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