Sensi Trails talks new single “Just Livin’” feat. KBong

Sensi Trails' new single “Just Livin'” is now streaming on all digital platforms! Six months ago, I met with the band to cover their journey from North Carolina to California. Since then, they have had so many positive experiences to share with us, including working with KBong and producer E.N Young of Imperial Sound Studios. Get all the details of the creative process to “Just Livin'” in this exclusive interview with Kyle Rising.

It’s been about six months since we first interviewed you when you first moved to California. How are you settling in?

  • KR: Has it really been six months already? I guess the time flies when you're having fun! The west coast has been treating me well. I've met some great people and made some really good friends in the short amount of time that I have been here. The reggae scene in San Diego, more specifically Ocean Beach, is like no other. The people here genuinely love the music and the culture surrounding it. Pretty much every time I walk down the street, I hear reggae music playing… whether it’s from the speakers of a nearby restaurant, a car stereo driving by or performed live at a local venue. The reggae scene in San Diego is alive and well. Some of my favorite venues include Winston's, 710 Beach Club and, it’s not really a venue, but we had a blast performing at the OB Farmers Market.
  • The California lifestyle/vibe has always influenced my songwriting. Even before moving here, I pulled inspiration from all the great bands that call California their home. So many people live in this beautiful state, which include the majority of people in the music, film and entertainment industry. 

Can you tell us about your writing process for “Just Livin'”?

  • I actually wrote “Just Livin'” right before I moved to San Diego. I was in a very transitional part of my life; everything seemed to be falling apart. I was working every day at a fish frying shack on the beach to make ends meet. My girlfriend at the time had just left me for someone I trusted and I had to move out of the place that we were renting together. My band was falling apart because the drummer that I had started the band with no longer wanted to pursue music. I had to cancel many shows that were already booked.
  • I moved in with a friend of mine and was living in his guest bedroom. I spent a lot of time alone and did a lot of thinking. This was when I wrote “Just Livin'”. Even though things weren't going great at the time, I knew what I wanted and knew that I had to stay focused and keep going in order to make things happen. Life can really throw some curve balls sometimes, but that’s the beauty of it. It keeps things interesting. It’s not always good vibes, but the valleys make the peaks so much better. This song will be the title track off the new album which represents a theme of events that have occurred in my life over the past couple years. Lessons I’ve learned, dues I’ve paid and the highs and lows in relationships.

Congratulations on being voted by fans to perform at this year’s Rasta Paw Festival! How did it feel to see the reggae community reach out and support?

  • We are extremely excited about the Rasta Paw Festival and we would like to thank all of our friends and fans that voted to help get us on the bill! We also just found out that we will be performing at Kush Stock on 420! We are extremely excited about this. Cannabis events are always a smoky good time!

Has the release of the new single promo clip triggered a lot of feedback from friends or other musicians?

  • People have been reacting well to the sneak peek that we released for the video. It has definitely gotten the attention of many different people, including people I grew up with, people I have worked with and fellow musicians that I look up to. I am very excited to see how people respond now that we've released the full song and upcoming video. The song was produced by E.N Young at Imperial Sound Studios and the video was produced, directed and edited by Garret Laver with Video Kitchen Productions.

Be sure to check out Sensi Trails' new single through the links below and be on the lookout for their music video dropping Friday March 29th!!

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