Show Nuff Entertainment’s two year anniversary

Show Nuff Entertainment’s “Let’s Do it Again” 2 Year Anniversary featuring Natty Vibes, Mango Kingz and Molia

It can be hard to make a name for yourself in a super saturated industry like the reggae music scene here in Cali.  However, Show Nuff Entertainment has been proving it throws some of the hottest island reggae parties in the bay.  In only it’s second year, their signature show, called “Let’s Do it Again,” proved to be no less than that with a line up including Molia, Mango Kingz and headlined by the one and only Natural Vibrations.  

From the get go, attendees were greeted with a special treat, their own copy of a CD mixed by DJ Jah Yzer, one of the bay’s hardest working reggae DJ’s.  After he kicked off the party with a set of reggae beats, Molia blessed the mic with her sultry, captivating voice.  Keeping the energy high, Mango Kingz came on next and absolutely killed the stage, getting everyone in the building grooving along with them, especially to their latest single, “Lady Sublime.”  After another irie interlude by DJ Jah Yzer, Natty Vibes came on the main stage and proceeded to get the crowd moving with their island style reggae, perfect for partying.  Their signature line “Is everyone happy?  Is everyone skanking?” almost being ironic, since yes, all were dancing to the vibes!  The crowd could not get enough, as they chanted “Hana-HO!” for three separate encores, prompted by Elijah, doing double duty as an MC, and Sweet-T from Rocksteady Reggae Radio.  The crowd was even more delighted to have some free giveaways like T-shirts from Tatau Brand Clothing and Chamorroboy International Clothing.  This was definitely a reggae show done right, all the vibes were irie and the music selection spot on.

Natty Vibes and Mango Kings

A successful show always has more than just a killer band, it takes many dedicated people behind the scenes to make it happen.

Headed by Elijah Aliamo, Show Nuff is a promotions and events company that is powering most of your favorite reggae shows in the bay area.  A successful show always has more than just a killer band, it takes many dedicated people behind the scenes to make it happen.  Elijah, along with Show Nuff Entertainment, is one of those people.  I had a minute to catch up with him after the show and this is what he had to say,  “Show Nuff Entertainment has been doing successful concerts for 11 years now.  We started in hawaii back in 2003 and moved to S.F. in 2005.  The ‘LET'S DO IT AGAIN’ concert series started in 2012 and has grown into a fun and exciting event that showcases local talent and talent from afar.  The greatest reward in doing this for our community is the reaction from fans wanting to know when the next show is.  I also enjoy sharing the stage with other local promoters as teamwork is key to having a successful event.  Give thanks to all our supporters and artists who have made this journey a memorable experience.  Bless up!”

Keep an eye out for more awesome events from all the performers and Show Nuff Entertainment!

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