Spring into the 11th annual Summer Meltdown April 26, 2014

The city of Santa Clarita is once again transforming their sleepy, Southern California town into a reggae extravaganza for its 11th Annual Autism Awareness, Art, and Music Festival – known simply as the Summer Meltdown! The festival took roots from Canyon High School's “Yes I Can” student program and alumni, who, eleven years ago, came together to manifest something beautiful in a social sense; the festival is a means to broadcast to the general public what an appropriate educational environment can accomplish when students of varietal abilities are nurtured.

bring the kids, load a backpack, slather on some sunscreen

This year, the students of Canyon High have gone above and beyond, bringing large reggae names to the stage. Matisyahu and Dirty Heads will perform an intimate “acoustic” performance under the Santa Clarita stars, while twenty-eight other bands will rock electric performances all day for thousands of attending music fans. Enhancing the already stacked musical line-up is an abundance of successful California artists such as Al Scholl and Jimmy Ovadia, transpiring their interactive art onstage from open to close! It certainly will be a day packed to the brim with festivities, beauty, and consciousness. However, the best entity of the event remains in the fact that, after all this time, the festival is still welcoming of anyone: of all ages and abilities! So bring the kids, load a backpack, slather on some sunscreen for a full day of fun in the sun at Santa Clarita City Skatepark next month on April 26th!

Summer Meltdown Artist Lineup

  • Matisyahu
  • Dirty Heads
  • Stick Figure
  • Seedless
  • Doyle of the Misfits*
  • Cisco Adler
  • Thrive
  • Krooked Treez
  • Hirie
  • The Expanders
  • Ontronik
  • Chris Young
  • Katastro
  • Mystic Roots
  • Natural Incense
  • Arise Roots
  • Forrest Day
  • Wheeland Bros
  • Stranger
  • Papafish
  • Jet West
  • Rick Thorne
  • Ease Up
  • Reeform
  • Piracy Conspiracy
  • Top Shelf
  • C Def
  • Breaking Tempo

* autographs & photo opportunities only

Out-of-towners and planning on spending the weekend in the area? We've gathered a list of nearby activities and good eats for some fabulous fun! Please remember that in order to maintain security for all, there will be no in & outs at this event.

For more specifics and ticketing information about the 11th Annual Summer Meltdown, please visit the following websites:

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