Synrgy delivers smooth reggae vibes to Southern California

Synrgy had great energy that night

Synrgy, a band originally from Arizona but now calls Arcata, California home, played in Encinitas, California on Saturday, March 8th at a restaurant-bar called Mr. Peabody’s. Synrgy is on a mini-tour along the Western part of the United States since every year the band tries to get out and share their music- or, at least that’s what Brian Zach, the main man of the band, told Top Shelf Reggae. Zach plays the keyboard and sings in the band which has been around since 2007, but has new members and new music, and is included in the band’s latest Summertime EP. Synrgy had great energy that night in the San Diego area, and received great feedback from the crowd. Some songs included in their setlist were “Maybe Tomorrow,” “Red Dragonfly,” and “Good Dog Down,” with two of those songs being older songs, but still representative of Synrgy’s music- which the band describes as “Reggae Soul Music” according to their website!

The band is still making their way back up to Northern California and Oregon before heading out to the Arizona Reggae Fest: Unity at the Lake in April. For more information, visit their website, or facebook page.

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