Stick Figure releases “World On Fire” feat. Slightly Stoopid

In anticipation of another studio album, Stick Figure decided to drop “World On Fire” for the fans ahead of time: a track with a heavy walking bass, a playful key riff and, oh yeah, members of Slightly Stoopid. What a recipe for success. Speaking of success, the new single redefines the meaning of ‘wealth’ and is now available to stream or purchase through all major digital outlets.

Stick Figure recognizes there’s more to life than a steep bank account…

With signature Stick vocals, lead singer Scott Woodruff claims if he “had all the money in the world, I’d probably burn it all”. As the song unfolds, that statement errs more on the social commentary side than the frivolous, for what Woodruff is really saying is that money consumes the minds of modern day society. We get so caught up in the gains that we lose sight of what’s truly valuable in this life: love, happiness, health and welfare. Stick Figure recognizes there’s more to life than a steep bank account, something that most have forgotten after being submerged in prolonged times of economic crisis. Look at the United States, for instance: ever since the 2008 stock market crash and subsequent recession, citizens have worked double, triple the amount of hours for the same amount of payoff… dizzy from treading water month after month. 10 years later, Americans are currently living in fear of terrorism, of hate, of politics, and above all else, of failure to make ends meet. So, why don’t we eradicate the source? Woodruff says enough with the caste system, bye bye to the 1% and let love heal the wounds of greed by burning down the societal structures confining us. Time to start over.

“…if money steals your soul, then only trouble it will bring…”

Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid weighs in on Woodruff’s overt anti-establishmentarianism by saying “if money steals your soul, then only trouble it will bring…” which probably weighs heavy on those who have fought their way to the forefront of the rat race. Money does not buy happiness, for the most coveted things in life are garnered through other means. McDonald’s voice compliments Woodruff’s well, for they are both airy, ethereal, yet authoritative. Actions speak louder than words and fire beats water-downed idealism. “Who set the world on fire?” Woodruff asks at the end of the track, “it was me, I set the world on fire.” Well, somebody had to take the initiative.

And, that's not all from Stick Figure and Slightly Stoopid! The two bands continue to collaborate nightly in the School's Out For Summer Tour, hitting several festivals over the next three months alongside the reggae rock boys of Pepper. For more information on Stick Figure and the band's whereabouts, visit

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