Stick Figure’s Wisdom Tour monsoons over Florida

Stick Figure’s Wisdom Tour monsoons over Florida

The Wisdom Tour hit Florida with a wave of talent, featuring power trifecta Stick Figure, Pepper, and The Elovaters in one spectacular night! Walking into the amphitheater, everyone was vibing like if Woodstock had a baby… if that gives you a visual, we were rocking it out reggae-style! You could feel the buzz in the air and the stage was set for one of the biggest headliners, of course, Stick Figure. I call them the “Unicorn “of all bands — a band that has reached such depths from songs that strike the chords of all humans.

Scott Woodruff is lyrically and musically gifted; a shallow soul cannot write with such depth. 

I started listening to him four years ago before COVID and everything else under the sun hit. It was perfect timing for me to have Stick Figure in my back pocket! Between Scott’s and his touring members’ energy (and Cocoa, his sweet dog), I am beyond smitten by Stick’s presence. His live performance is nothing short of euphoric. The Wisdom Tour honors their seventh album although the live show stretches Stick’s entire catalog, streamed over three billion times and over one million copies sold.

Getting back to the show, thousands of spectators at Apopka Amphitheater packed it to see Stick Figure, The Elovaters, and Pepper.

I would say this is one of the top tours the summer! No a chance I’d miss it!

The boys from Boston, The Elovaters, thrilled the crowd with such an upbeat vibe, performing songs from different albums and pleasing us with “Shots Fired”! Such a fantastic performance, as always; Jackson Wetherbee and the boys encapsulated their musical powers! 

Storm clouds came swarming upon us looking like a monsoon all of a sudden, evacuating the entire venue. Yet the rain was a relief, as people were passing out from the intense heat! In the interim, we camped out in our automobiles. I stayed with my fellow Cocoa Beach crew in their SUV — what a blast! Love those guys!

The venue opened the gates again over an hour later and it was back to business!

Pepper stormed the stage after the rain cleared, electrifying the entire arena. These guys hold nothing back… truly OG vibes! They hyped back up the crowd with all their hits, including “Stone Love” and “Warning” (my personal favorites)! 

When Stick Figure was about to hit the stage, you could feel the anticipation building (along with the threshold of the Florida heat, which will kick your ass)! The light show for Stick Figure was calming, with sounds transcending into your spirit; this is the kind of show that is soul-cleansing. If you’re not feeling me here, then go see them live. Maybe then you can experience it for yourself! I saw Stick Figure last year and I can still say Scott and his boys have the best live performance every time! 

Stick Figure kicked off with a rendition of Pink Floyd “Have A Cigar”.

Let me say they did Pink Floyd justice — it was beautiful. We were all blown away by this, before “Choice Is Yours” followed. Scott Woodruff drew in the masses with his angelic voice and the pure energy backed by the group was more of a religious experience. More tracks performed were “Weight of Sound”, “Way of Life”, “Paradise”, “All For You”, and so many more! Literally, Stick Figure went above and beyond for the fans. Stick ended up overextending the set time, making it up to fans who had to wait it out in the rain and trudge back into the venue. This is clear devotion, making his music all the more infinite. 

No matter the chaos that ensued at the venue (with the extreme Florida heat, fans dropping like flies, and the angry monsoon that struck), it was the greatest experience! All the bands killed it and I will be back for more! My addiction and passion for music goes beyond anything else. The tour is still happening, so get your asses there. This is a lifetime experience waiting to be fulfilled. 

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