A chat with hilarious rising star, Madisyn Shipman

A chat with hilarious rising star, Madisyn Shipman

Emerging artist Madisyn Shipman is making waves in the music scene with her latest release, “I Like Your Dad”, the second single from her highly anticipated debut album, Metanoia. Scheduled to drop on November 20th, which also coincides with Madisyn’s 21st birthday, this talented artist is ready to captivate audiences worldwide.

Madisyn is cementing herself as a true triple threat — talented, gorgeous, and hilarious!

Drawing inspiration from her little brother’s adoration of the popular Fountains of Wayne hit, “Stacy’s Mom,” Madisyn’s “I Like Your Dad” is a vibrant and high-energy track that is poised to become the female counterpart to the beloved 2000s anthem. Showcasing her versatility and artistry, Madisyn skillfully weaves elements of country, rock, and pop into this engaging song, crafting a narrative that evokes nostalgia and brings a smile to listeners’ faces. This new single follows the success of her previous release, “Bitch Boy”, the first single from her upcoming album.

Reflecting on the origin of “I Like Your Dad”, Madisyn shares, “It all started as a playful family joke. My little brother Jesse couldn’t get enough of ‘Stacy’s Mom,’ and he would request it endlessly. Eventually, I became so tired of hearing that catchy tune that I decided to create my own version. Initially, it was meant just for our family and close friends, but I fell in love with the song and knew it had to be released.”

“I Like Your Dad” is available for streaming now, and you can enjoy it by clicking HERE. Additionally, be sure to watch the accompanying music video below. Read on to hear what Madisyn had to say in our interview!

Photo by Maddie Córdoba

Did you ever have a crush on a friend’s dad? 

  • I think everyone has had a hot dad or hot mom fantasy. Although this song wasn’t written because of that fantasy it definitely helped with the writing process! 

What was the first concert you went to, and who did you go with? 

  • My very first concert was either P!nk or Katy Perry. They both happened around the same time and truly helped me discover my love of concerts and performing. My mom has always been my concert buddy and I’m so grateful for that! She’s the best buddy to go with because even if she doesn’t know the artist, she still dances around with me while I scream every lyric!

You mentioned that your brother inspired the writing of this song, what other ways has your family helped you on your musical journey? 

  • My family has helped curate every song on this album. They are the first ones to hear and definitely tell the truth. I really appreciate the fact that they won’t sugarcoat anything. They give it straight so in my eyes they’re the best team to have especially when I’m making decisions about which songs stay and which songs go!

If you could ride a tandem bicycle with any musician, past or present, who would you choose? 

  • Elvis Presley 1000%. I’ve always loved Elvis due to my grandmother’s love for him! My grandmother is so obsessed she turned my mom’s childhood bedroom into an Elvis and Marilyn Monroe room (AKA a glorified shrine) 

What is your favorite instrument to listen to? 

  • I love guitar. It’s such a versatile instrument. Maybe I’m a little biased because I have so many guitars. But they all sound different and can be used as a tool in so many genres. 

If you had to describe your music as a midnight snack, what snack would it be? 

  • Ooo! I would have to say homemade German chocolate cake! It’s decadent, rich, and full of so much flavor! Just like what I try to show in my music. 

Do you have any good band/artist recommendations? 

  • Teddy Swims, Taela, Quinn XCII and of course Myah Marie. I know all of these people and truly couldn’t be prouder of how far they’ve come in their music journey! They are a huge inspiration to me! Myah specifically is such a blessing in my life. I write all my songs with her and couldn’t be more grateful to call her a friend! 

What is your go to, sing alone in the car, power ballad? 

  • Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift! I’ve loved this song since it came out but as I get older the song relates more and more to my life. I sing this song at the top of my lungs and get so into it no matter where it’s playing. 

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? 

  • Taylor Swift, Teddy Swims, Elvis Presley, and Anne Marie! 

If you were not a musician/performer, what job do you think you would have? 

  • I would definitely be a nurse. I always knew if music and acting didn’t work out, I would go into nursing due to my love of serving and taking care of others! 

Sweet or savory? 

  • Sweet for sure. I have a huge sweet tooth so I always have sweets in my freezer!! (Typically, its homemade ice cream, and honey mamas) 

What message to you hope to share with the world through your music? 

  • For me I do music as a form of therapy for the things I’m going through so if I can have one person say my song helped them through I situation I did what I was supposed to. When I go through something in life, regardless of if it’s a good or bad thing, I turn to music. So, I wanted to create something for not only me but anyone else out there who could relate. 

Make sure to check out her links below to further support Madisyn in her raise to stardom: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter

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