StoneTribe brings endless summer vibes in “Island Time”

StoneTribe brings endless summer vibes in “Island Time”

Alternative reggae duo StoneTribe returns with the perfect escape for those who don’t want to give up summer quite yet! Their latest single “Island Time”, available now exclusively through Americana Music Group, is not only an oasis from the impending Fall and Winter season, but moreover a mental shift from the 9-5 work grind… an attempt to reconnect with nature, while disconnecting from technology and overall anxiety.

Disconnecting digitally is harder than it seems and even harder for this remote-based band! Members Natoven and Dan De Leon communicate and compose with each other 100% virtually, working out of their home studios in Oregon and Texas, respectively. Despite the distance, the two are able to render a unique reggae fusion sound all their own in songs like “Island Time” and their previous single “No Mo Clouds” (with the official music video below!).

But, why the exclusivity? It’s because 25% of all “Island Time” download profits go to United Cerebral Palsy, a nonprofit helping those afflicted with a disease that took Dan’s sister.

And, there couldn’t be a better more uplifting and relaxing song to do so. Instilling hope for a better tomorrow starts with acknowledging the beauty in the present. “Island Time” starts dub-heavy and downtempo — an audible indication it’s time to “slow it down”. Harmonized vocals over reverberating guitar strums chant “take your time, let’s unwind”… take a second to “let your troubles fade away”. Let the sounds of morning birds and “ocean waves” guide you into a more meditative and, moreover, appreciative state than what you’re used to. You’re on “island time”, now! With psychedelia added in after each refrain, it’s almost as if StoneTribe concocts a wormhole of time and space, sliding, melting and morphing around in the listener’s ears. You can’t help but to allow your body to soften, your disposition to ease. With electronic elements at the very end, it’s almost as if you’re completely your digital detox away from stress and the working world. If only it could be a permanent vacation!

StoneTribe’s single is the second of 2021, leading up towards an EP and full-length album on the horizon! Obviously, this hardworking humanitarian band is only on the brink of bigger and better things, so make sure to follow StoneTribe on all the social platforms below.

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StoneTribe – “No Mo Clouds”

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