Bring Me the Horizon reveals riveting “DiE4u” single

Bring Me the Horizon reveals riveting “DiE4u” single

Bring Me the Horizon is back at it with a new song release! The new single, “DiE4u”, showcases both sides of the established hard rock band — the Count Your Blessings era and the Amo era. This new song “DiE4u” was interesting upon first listen, released officially on September 16th, 2021; it’s the first song off a string of EPs that started unfolding last year, with Bring Me the Horizon’s Post Human: Survival Horror out last Halloween. Now, with three more EPs planned in the series, the works comes from a point in this band’s career where, if you are a fan, you can expect something excellent.

And, the forthcoming EPs will surely be filled to the brim with excellent tracks, such as the already released single “Kingslayer”, featuring the band BABYMETAL. Although new music is coming, BMTH have told fans that they are taking a break at the moment… so, it might be a while before we hear the whole compilation.

“DiE4u” opens with enjoyable lyrics, if you enjoy a little bit of clean singing. The opening lyrics make me think this is a love song, “You know that I’d die for you // I’d cry for you // Know that I’d die for you.” These lyrics are absolutely brilliant. The music video is something out of the movie Blade; if that’s what Bring Me the Horizon members were going for, they definitely achieved it here. “DiE4u” is upbeat, with some metal in it. I love it: it’s very fun, well-executed and has tons of replay value to it. I’ll definitely be playing this song for the next two years. Maybe even more! This song has a bit of something for everyone: it’s a great party song, so if you’re looking for something for that weekend playlist, this song isn’t a bad choice. The song is also perfect for a night drive.

I’m glad Bring Me the Horizon found something that works for them — they deserve all the praise right now!

I think they should definitely go on tour with Ice Nine Kills at some point… the horror elements of Ice Nine Kills would pair well with horror elements of Bring Me the Horizon to make an interesting combo. Band frontman Oliver Sykes has got to be one of the most evolving artists in music today; he wanted to lead Bring Me the Horizon in a new direction and it worked. My favorite albums from Bring Me the Horizon go as follows: That’s The SpiritSempiternal, Amo, Suicide Season. If you want to start listening to Bring Me the Horizon, I’d say start with these albums. Amo is incredible from start to finish with its pop vibe, while That’s The Spirit has a rock feel to it. Sempiternal and Suicide Season have a combination of metal and rock — both well-accepted sounds for my ears. What will Bring Me the Horizon think of next? It’s all a mystery for now.

I’m definitely all for hearing another pop album or a combination of metal and pop with this new effort. Even if you’re unaware of Bring Me the Horizon and don’t know them at all, they are still worth checking out. You just might find something within the discography you like, for Bring Me the Horizon has something for everyone. The band is gearing up for a direct support slot at Knotfest Los Angeles under Slipknot, alongside Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Vended, Code Orange and special guest Cherry Bombs this November, so get your tickets now. I’ll see you there!

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Bring Me the Horizon – “DiE4u”

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