Sublime announces newly mastered live album out April 21st

Sublime announces newly mastered live album out April 21st

Yes, this is real. Despite the untimely death of frontman, Bradley Nowell, Sublime continues to be a music staple in all our lives. The upcoming release of $5 At The Door (Live at Tressel Tavern, 1994) on Surfdog Records is proof that Sublime’s music and overall legacy are timeless.

The newly restored and mastered live album encompasses a beautiful compilation of long-time favorite tracks resulting in a stunning piece of music history.

Sublime’s live album offers an exclusive mesmerizing feel of how exhilarating their live shows were. For those who have never had the blessing of seeing Sublime live, this is your chance to feel their energy through this highly anticipated masterpiece. For those of you who have seen them live, like me, this is an experience that will unequivocally pull you back in time. Transcending to a time and place where life was so much easier and less complicated.

In 1988, Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh and Bradley Nowell forever changed the music scene by creating a brand new genre. They called themselves Sublime and we couldn’t get enough. When the ambitious album 40 oz. of Freedom was released in 1992, Sublime became the California mecca of sound with an unique blend of ska, reggae and rock. The newfound success resulted in the signing of MCA records. Sadly, Sublime’s glory days came to a halt when Nowell tragically passed from a heroin overdose in 1996. Bradly’s short-lived legacy has passed onto other generations, people of all ages and backgrounds take on the love and appreciation of Sublime’s music culture. Since 1992, 18 million albums have sold in the US. The genre-bending music and cultural influence is stronger today than ever before.

“Sublime’s live show from 1994 at Tressel Tavern has been bootlegged many times in the past under the name “Memories” and became a fan favorite despite its raw two-channel stereo mix and lower sound quality. This will be the first time that the Tressel Tavern show will have an official release, with all 26 tracks restored and mastered.”

President of Surfdog records explained, “We were so excited when we unearthed this tape from the 1994 Everett, Washington show. What made this even more special is the fact that there was only a left and right channel, straight from the mixing board, so there was no way for any fixes or manipulation to the performance even if someone wanted to. This show is raw, authentic, and true Sublime.”

However, the news doesn’t stop there. Sublime’s remaining members bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, have recently launched an exciting new venture. An official Sublime cannabis line ‘REEFERS By Sublime’. The first available offering from ‘REEFERS By Sublime’ is the ‘Smoke Two Joints’ two-pack of curated cannabis pre-rolls, exclusively available now at select Southern California licensed retail dispensaries including 420 Central in Orange County. You can’t miss the building as artist, Opie Ortiz personally recreated his famous Sublime sun on the side of the building as an enormous tribute.

Wilson states, “Cannabis culture has been a part of Sublime since the beginning, and I’m stoked that we now have our own line of products. Cannabis takes me to that place when we were kids in the garage, playing music for ourselves. REEFERS is for anyone whether it’s used for relief, creativity, alternative medicine or to chill out.”

REEFERS by Sublime feature signature strains of premium California cannabis grown by Top Shelf Cultivation (unaffiliated) in Long Beach, a family-owned and operated licensed cultivator renowned for its award-winning, proprietary marijuana strains. Each strain used for REEFERS is approved by the band. REEFERS come in Morning, Noon and Night versions to align with strain specific properties.

According to Brian Danaher, co-founder of Top Shelf Cultivation, “Top Shelf is a family-owned and operated cannabis cultivation from Long Beach focused on superior craft, attention to detail, and high quality, proprietary strains. Sublime is embedded in the DNA of our Long Beach cannabis culture and community. This is a family affair and all love for the plant and culture. It’s an honor to grow and share our very best strains as part of the Sublime REEFERS line.”

Make sure you’re stocked up on REEFERS pre-rolls come April 21st. You’ll definitely want a to enjoy the live album while smoking two joints!


  1. Don’t Push / Right Back / New Thrash
  2. Work That We Do
  3. 40oz. To Freedom
  4. House Of Suffering
  5. Badfish
  6. Leaving This Babylon
  7. Prison Oval Rock
  8. We’re Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance
  9. Let’s Go Get Stoned
  10. Pool Shark / Pool Shark Reprise
  11. S.T.P.
  12. I’m Not a Loser
  13. Scarlet Begonias
  14. Loving / Good Hole College
  15. Cost of Living
  16. D.J.’s
  17. Saw Red
  18. Jah Is My Light / Greatest Hits
  19. Jailhouse
  20. 54-46 That’s My Number
  21. Date Rape
  22. Ebin *only on vinyl
  23. Youth Are Getting Restless
  24. Romantic Girl / Winner Takes All
  25. Myage
  26. Slow Ride

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