SYNRGY surges toward LP with lead single “Aquablue”

SYNRGY surges toward LP with lead single “Aquablue”
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San Diego-based birds of passage SYNRGY have finally released their very highly anticipated brand new single, “Aquablue” as of March 18th. Written by Brian Zach, this independently produced and self-funded prequel will be followed up by the full-length album drop of Aquablue on April 8th. Being more of a soul-driven reggae rock group, known for high-energy live performances and their tour-heavy lifestyle, these vagabonds with a pursuit for the setting sun and confident, vibe-setting music downshift a couple gears and break things open a little bit in this intimate new release. 

The vibes impact your mind just right in this smooth, funky, trippy ballad of a love lost.

“Aquablue” couldn’t have hit the virtual shelves at a better time. Just before summer, this song gets me anticipating the idea of sitting on the beach or by a lake at the golden hour after an awesome day of sand, waves and good friends, helping me to forget whatever is weighing on my mind. Just sitting there staring out over the living, breathing aqua-shaded body of water in front of you, letting thoughts come and go as easily and as purely as the tide. It’s magnificent finding solace in the simplicity of the water.

Over the last 15 years, SYNRGY’s peripatetic lifestyle has allowed them to cultivate a wide range of influences. Traversing borders and filling both American and Mexican airwaves with their take on traditional roots reggae, smooth soul crooner stylings, and rocksteady/ska-esque tones, the ban further introduces some minor elements of modern rock and pop. In all, you end up with a fairly accurate picture of what a band like SYNRGY can bring to the table. While recording almost everything from home on a 2014 Macbook, these guys have found a formula that successfully affords them the inventive and original flare that bands want, while still being able to preserve the basic rudiments of reggae music. 

All of those characteristics come out in “Aquablue”.

Once you drop in the talents of E.N Young mixing and mastering the song, you get a real sense of the originality blended with the locked-in roots rhythm from the very start. The overall tone and tempo keep the song grounded in the world of reggae, while about halfway through the track, some unique and spacey sound effects send your mind into a tailspin. The way SYNRGY is able to bring you back down, though, calls to the inventiveness of these artists. The new single “Aquablue” is another example, to me, of a genre that is ever-evolving while staying sealed into itself. There are no rules. Well, the ones that are there are at least meant to be broken. Just make the music you want to make and the rest, let the universe figure out. This seems to be what SYNRGY embodies in this latest single and I’d go as far as to say the universe is going to favor “Aquablue”. 

With four unabridged albums, two condensed EPs and now this exceedingly awaited new full-length album coming out in early April, SYNRGY continues to offer their steadfast and devoted fan base quite a diverse musical catalog and shows no plans of letting up, even if something as unthinkable as a global pandemic or something were to happen. Be sure to check out SYNRGY’s newest single, “Aquablue”, available for streaming on all platforms. Tickets are also available now to catch SYNRGY live throughout April!

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