SYNRGY to release “Here I Am” E.N Young Remix

SYNRGY to release “Here I Am” E.N Young Remix

SYNRGY is a soulful, sweet San Diego reggae rock band, one that has consistently brought blessings and positive vibes to the scene. From local shows to large weekend festivals, SYNRGY has made a name for themselves since their formation in 2007. Now, with three full-length albums and two EPs under their belts, SYNRGY continues their musical journey this year with a single entitled “Here I Am” that dropped back in late February… you know, right before the whole world shut down. It kind of got swept under the rug with all the goings-on. Sorry, SYNRGY. That said, the band is back in action with round two of the single, a remix fresh off the cutting room floor by E.N Young at his own Imperial Sound Studio in San Diego!

The original track had a laidback beat, a sunny disposition and, yet, an honesty that bares all. “Here I am // Feeling like it’s Judgement Day,” sings frontman Brian Zach. “Am I just a crazy fool?” Asks Zach, wrapped around a think layer dubby reverb. It’s a bittersweet melody, to say the least; one you should definitely give a whirly-twirl if you want something new on your reggae playlists.

Just wait till you hear the remix.

With the addition of producer E.N Young on the track, “Here I Am” boasts a whole new narrative. Light and playful keys, a slightly faster tempo and dubsteppy breakdowns command the attention of the listener right off the bat. E.N Young, you’ve did it again! SYNRGY’s message isn’t compromised with the instrumentals’ heightened personality, moreover the track has more emphasis than ever! If you’re looking for a poolside soundtrack, a song to bump onstage during a set changeover or just a reggae hype song in general, this is the 2020 jam you’ve been waiting for.

The “Here I Am” E.N Young remix will be available on all digital outlets as of June 26th, with pre-sales and pre-saves launching tomorrow, June 19th. Don’t let this one pass you by! For more info on SYNRGY, visit the links below.

Pre-save “Here I Am” E.N Young Remix single:

“Here I Am” E.N Young Remix promo video:

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