LA’s upcoming One Love Peace Protest combines Reggae & BLM

LA’s upcoming One Love Peace Protest combines Reggae & BLM

Reggae, especially American reggae, is under fire right now. These artists are the ones that have been preaching peace, love and unity for black citizens since the inception of its genre. Now that Black Lives Matter and the fight for equality has hit a critical high in this country (and around the world), believers in BLM are anxious its momentum might hit a plateau. We mustn’t concede!

Progress might be happening, but justice comes in baby steps.

With that in mind, Los Angeles reggae artists are literally banding together to bring about a musical experience for those in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming the occasion a ‘peace protest’ instead of a ‘concert’ for, you know, COVID reasons. Lest we forget, that’s still happening…

Despite the restrictions on music right now, a myriad of reggae names are stepping forward to march in front of Los Angeles City Hall from 10:30am to 8pm on June 27th, 2020. All attendees are encouraged to bring water, signs, snacks, face masks and, above all, to donate to one (or all) of the three foundations represented by this musical display: The George Floyd Memorial Fund, The Fight For Breonna Fund and directly to Black Lives Matter. Of course, this protest is coined after (and in the same vein of) the famous One Love Concert that took place in Kingston, Jamaica on April 22nd, 1978. The country was in the midst of civil war between opposing parties, the Jamaican Labour Party and the People’s National Party, coming to a cathartic peak when Bob Marley joined hands with political rivals Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP) during his live performance of “Jammin”. Music united then; music can unite now.

Heading the One Love Peace Protest is radical reggae band The Late Ones, known for their freedom fighting.

“Aloha world!” The Late Ones exclaim. “We can’t wait for the One Love Peace Protest in honor of Bob Marley, George Floyd and everyone killed from police brutality. As The Late Ones, we have always stood our ground on these topics and glad other reggae artists are standing with us to fight this wickedness. We want everyone to bring their most positive vibes, as we must remember that we are representing the ROOTS REGGAE COMMUNITY, Jah and our families. Let’s show them the power of music. Peace peace, y’all.”

Joining The Late Ones are the talents of Shakamon, Dread Kennedy, DJ Westafa, The Expanders, Eureka Sound, Quinto Sol, Kat Hall, Fohkus, Sicwest, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, The Lucky Ones, Krooked Treez, Last Fix, Latedub, Elihu, Sabriety & Coco and Coda. Lots of outspoken bands in that rundown, meaning this protest is one you don’t want to miss! Details can be found online via the links below and don’t forget to follow Black Lives Matter around the world as it revolutionizes! Stay safe, everyone.

One Love Peace Protest details:

Join the fight:

Cover photo by Steven Hong

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