SZNS drops catchy new anthem “We’re Not Gonna Be Friends”

SZNS drops catchy new anthem “We’re Not Gonna Be Friends”

Reminiscent of throwback favorites, SZNS blew up out of nowhere in 2021 with their track “Tequila with Lime”. A catchy, no-holds-barred synthy girlpop tune with delicious latin undertones, it blends unapologetic empowerment with a fun take on today’s dating scene. “Y-E-S, shoot your shot, but if I say N-O, boy bye, get lost!” How can you not press play, throw back a namesake shot and hit the club with your girl gang in tow? Their follow up, “Build a Boy” is raw, authentic and undressed — figuratively and literally. It showcases phenomenal vocals and haunting harmonies, hinting at their staying power in the industry.

We predict big things for SZNS.

The Los Angeles-based girl group gives a fresh new take on the classic 90s music we all know and love. Four stunning and distinctive members, each representing their own season. With EDM, Latin-synth and house-inspired beats, their conversational lyricism stems from the four’s collaborative writing style — a late night kitchen heart-to-heart. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn each bring their own unique style, which blends together to create the vibrant SZNS sound. Think high-energy dance moves and spicy musicianship, with undertones of empowerment.

They’ve been hard at work with new music, planning a series of four EPs crafted around themes of the four seasons. They got the party going at Blended Festival in Nashville, Austin and San Diego with fresh energy and killer harmonies. Their music is already reaching critical acclaim for empowering tracks call that on everyone to address and disrupt the status quo. With bass-dropping dance beats and sultry ballads inspired by real life, SZNS emanates power, vulnerability and wit. It doesn’t hurt that they’re well-dressed, well aware of the power of sex appeal and ready to inspire women everywhere with a kick-ass message.

And, they’re not slowing down either! Their next release “We’re Not Gonna Be Friends” is out today. “WNGBF is a song that goes to everyone trying to get out of the friend zone… SZNS has the answer: send this song to your crush and we guarantee you’ll be out of there in three to five business days!” The track is fun, upbeat and the perfect follow-up to “Tequila With Lime”. “We’re Not Gonna Be Friends” is released alongside fun visuals that will take you back to the 90s. Is this not exactly what we need after a year and a half of not enough live music?!

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SZNS – “We’re Not Gonna Be Friends”

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