The divine concert experience of Tool in Anaheim

The divine concert experience of Tool in Anaheim

The incomparable Los Angeles metal band Tool performed on Tuesday, January 18th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Tool’s newest album, Fear Inoculum, was released through Volcano Entertainment and RCA Records in August 2019, after 13 years of musical silence. I can affirm that this concert further substantiated Tool’s newest album as remaining loyalist to the metal, alternative metal, art rock, post-metal, progressive rock, progressive metal and heavy metal genres.

Some people consider Tool to being a genre all their own.

Let’s talk Tool… Gramophone come back! Tool won its 4th ‘Best Metal Performance’ GRAMMY in 2020 for their more than 15-minute song “7empest”. The undisturbed 15-minute performance this night in Anaheim was in my veins, and the feeling was equivalent to taking a magic carpet ride. It’s no surprise why this band can pack an arena, even during the week! Tool’s Anaheim concert stands as the closest they played to their hometown of Los Angeles, at least on this leg of the tour. Is there a likelihood they will return for a Los Angeles performance? I wish I could report ‘yes’, but for now, we remain the neglected City of Angels.

Despite this, the mass of Tool fans who came to see the sold-out show and this progressive metal band was staggering.

And, what a tour to witness! I think Fear Inoculum is the best-sounding album since their first album, Undertow. The show was phenomenal, with insane visual effect lighting and music. The fans were begging for more! Remarkably, I can still hear after this concert… at least for now. LOL.

I could spend great deal of time going through Tool’s full discography, but I’m not going to do that because, if you are a true fan of metal or heavy music, you’ve most likely heard of this band already and know their prior releases. If you’re a newer fan, put this band on your bucket list! For those unaware, Tool is comprised of the following four band members: Maynard James Keenan (vocals), Adam Jones (guitarist), Justin Chancellor (bassist) and Danny “The Octopus” Carey (drummer). All four were in complete sync the whole night through their 13-AMAZING-song, two-hour set. 

People, let me tell you, I was tripping out! Watching the visual effects was how I imagine I would feel if I took psychedelics. The visuals moved on the screen in front of the audience’s eyes, captivating the crowd with a full audio-visual experience. Tool enthusiasts were moved by their fan-favorite songs, such as “The Patient”, “Pushit”, “Hooker With A Penis”, “The Grudge” and “Opiate”. Also enjoyable were Tool’s newer tracks “The Pot”, “Descending”, “Invincible” and “Culling Voices”.

I couldn’t believe the talent I was witnessing.

Maynard spent the night traveling between two platforms, one located on the back left and one on the right corners of the stage, parallel with Carey’s drum kit. Maynard’s performance was an impressive display of the band’s commitment to their fans. Speaking of Carey, “The Octopus” performed unimaginable drum solos during several songs. The track “Chocolate Trip” left many fans with their jaw open wide, ending with a huge simile on everyone’s faces. The two-hour Tool performance was overwhelming — I literally zoned out at one point! Seeing this band was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so find a way to get yourself to the Tool show! If I had one word to describe this concert, it would be “TOOL-TASTIC!” I can’t remember the last time I was so entranced at a show. Tool really knows how to put on a performance and watching them live only illuminates the reason for them receiving the ‘Best Metal Performance’ GRAMMYs over and over again. To be honest, Tool’s 13-song setlist was one I would love to experience again… hint, hint! TOOL, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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