Qarreo dotes in delicate “Loved You First” single

Qarreo dotes in delicate “Loved You First” single

Nashville’s known to be a mecca of highly talented musicians, all coming together in one central place. Some are rock ‘n rollers, most are country… yet some are of a classification all their own. Enter, Qarreo. What can only be described as ‘ethereal eclectic’, with hints of dreampop, ambient, hip hop and jazz, Qarreo continues to mystify audiences and listeners alike with compelling messages wrapped in tissue paper delivery.

The airy, angelic voice of frontwoman Amoré Be captivates from start to finish, paired satiably with the passionate unraveling of this song’s message.

“Loved You First” tells the age-old tale of unrequited love — pure love. It’s the love that will last a lifetime and then burn wholly and unimpeded in the next. “The truth is that my love won’t break,” serenades Amoré, not allowing her love to be squandered by lack of reciprocity. “I loved you first.”

Written and produced by the band alongside RB Bandiola, this is the first tune the duo collaborated with fellow artists from The Philippines! Be sure to add it to your streaming lists today, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner (hint, hint, wink, wink). For more information, visit the links below.

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Qarreo – “Loved You First”

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