The Green with The Movement: Belly Up Tavern

The Green, from Hawai’i, came to the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California along with The Movement, a band from the East Coast. Both Hirie and The Movement were supporting The Green for a California Tour which started in Redway and ended near the San Diego coastal area. After just performing at the Cali’ Roots Festival over Memorial Day weekend, Top Shelf Reggae wanted to peep The Green’s show for their continuous energy and output. Sure enough, their show sold out, and they performed solidly for their last stop in California.

Great show by both bands with high energy, and positive vibes!

The Movement opened to a considerable crowd who also looked like they were enjoying the reggae-rock music the band was spewing out. Their sound was really clean, and their energy was high, and sure enough, they got the crowd ready for The Green!

An excited crowd was howling for this well-known band- anyone could see the energy transmitting between them and the band! The boys started their set with “Liar” and then went into such songs as “Jah Love,” “Gotta Be,” and “Ways and Means,” with some Zion Thompson fans making some pretty loud noise for this vocalist/guitarist! The boys stepped off stage for a bit, and out came bass player Brad “BW” Watanabe to perform a little solo while the rest of the band came back to play “Never” with such concentrated energy. This energy then carried onto other songs as “Runaway,” “Rootsie,” “What Will Be Will Be,” and “I’m Yours.” They performed an encore for fans who screamed for more, and we’re pretty sure this crowd was satisfied by night’s end! Great show by both bands with high energy, and positive vibes! Aloha.

The Green

The Green is still touring and is currently in Texas with Iration and Katastro before hitting more stops along the East Coast. For more information, check out their website.

Photo credits: Jenny Martinez

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