The Irie to drop “Turn Me Up” single, feat. The Elovaters

The Irie to drop “Turn Me Up” single, feat. The Elovaters

As everyone else experiences a musical freeze for 2020, one band is turning up the heat. The Irie of Chandler, Arizona has used this downtime well, releasing a four-song reggae rock EP entitled Coming Down after a west coast tour with reggae rock bredren Ease Up. The independent Arizona three-piece proffers elaborate guitar riffs, danceable beats and melodic lyrics — all compiled into one polished act!

Sure, they might be relatively new to the game, but The Irie’s sound is far from novice.

Drummer Johnny Groove hails from The Veragroove (probably a name you haven’t heard in a while) and other artists, such as Jason J., members of Tomorrows Bad Seeds and more; bassist Marcus Mapes stems from AZ band Good Rust. Together, alongside vocalist/guitarist George Ruiz, the trifecta are an unstoppable force.

Blending reggae with island vibes, The Irie will introduce a sultry side in the upcoming “Turn Me Up” single, featuring east coast reggae rock band The Elovaters. “I might be high,” Ruiz admits, as he unfolds a burning desire for another. Love makes you do crazy things, especially in its early infatuation stage. A pop feel gives way for a doo-wop “woah” and snap medley, leading to The Elovaters driving it home with a guest verse. It’s just so darn catchy!

This feel-good love anthem captures the essence of endless summer love and right on time, being released to the public on August 7th, 2020. Can’t wait? Pre-save or pre-order the single today via the links below and make sure to check out The Irie on Spotify in the meantime!

Pre-save or pre-order “Turn Me Up” single:

A message from The Irie:

The Irie – "Turn Me Up"

Hey Familia! We’re almost ready to drop our newest single “Turn Me Up” and we’re stoked that it has a special feature we’ll be announcing soon! Stay tuned and stay Irie! 🤙

Posted by The Irie on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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2 years ago

fire track!