The Olés brave a new world in “Barricades” single

The Olés brave a new world in “Barricades” single

Santa Barbara boys The Olés have released “Barricades”, the newest single off of their upcoming album scheduled to drop late summer 2022. The track is a captivating, surreal experience that only begins to show off the talent that this band possesses. Having built a reputation for creating “the kind of music you put on while cruising to the beach at sunset” throughout almost the last decade, the ever-evolving sound of The Olés captures your attention immediately in the song’s introduction.

A beautiful portal of keys transports you into the atmospheric, psychedelic world of reggae this band has crafted for themselves. 

Coming to life between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez foothills, on the south side of Santa Barbara, The Olés have developed a true love for the music, as well as the community surrounding it. Their lifestyle bleeds through and is ever-present in their sound, rooted in reggae, soul and hip hop. Learning the ways of the road through house parties and small gigs, The Olés have earned their way up the ranks and a spot playing along the likes of Rebelution, Passafire and roots legends like Don Carlos. 

From festival to festival and back to the studio again, Harry Trexler, Alvin Dawson, Matt Tweed and Daniel Kearney have been on quite the journey together, with a sole mission to connect and inspire people through the music they make. “Barricades” acts as a gateway into that world of connection and inspiration. It’s the perfect chill music. ‘Lay in a hammock all day’ kind of music. It makes me want to paint something almost as beautiful as the painting in my head when I hear this song. I hear a man singing about being grateful to be where he is at, all the while keeping an eye on the future. Making sure to keep out the unwanted “Barricades” in his life, he hopes to be fine and make it through to the other side… able to face whatever surreal challenges come at him. “I walk alone, so I can feel” stands out as a truly impactful lyric for me, as well as I am sure many others! Embracing that time alone, not being told how to feel or what to feel or when to feel it; sometimes you need to be able to just walk away and have that time to be alone in order to feel whatever needs to be felt. 

The way that “Barricades” is delivered sounds as if it was written by someone who was beaten down by 2020: someone who is just exhausted by the way things have been, but who also has the will to go on. The new perspective is to face these unique challenges head-on, with a fresh idea on how fragile life can be. It has a somber feel to it alongside a glimmer of hope for the future. With the future in mind, The Olés are pressing on with a few more drops scheduled between now and next year, with the new album again coming summer 2022.

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The Olés – “Barricades”

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