Tim Williams debuts Quiet Canyons with “We Overflow” single

Tim Williams debuts Quiet Canyons with “We Overflow” single

Indie heavyweight Tim Williams (of Soft Swells) returns with a passion project closer to his heart than ever before. Under the moniker Quiet Canyons, Williams breaks down the hardships and confusion we have faced over the past turbulent year in “We Overflow”.

Tranquil and melodic, the world can achieve retrospective peace for 2020 through Quiet Canyons.

Not only does Williams address the ‘overflowing’ result of clashing political parties and rising tensions, he further expresses his personal stress within the track: “I wrote ‘We Overflow’ at a time when people were rioting in the streets of Los Angeles,” Williams states. “Driving around and seeing huge plumes of smoke in the distance comforted me in some way, knowing that people can be moved enough and erupt with emotion.”

For that is exactly the feel embedded in “We Overflow” — acoustic, yet melancholic. Hopeful, yet dismayed. A breath of fresh air amidst the smoldering ash; a moment of composure for the overwhelmed. Does the track eradicate the injustice behind the 2020 riots? Absolutely not. But, it is a reconciliatory look back on the damage and an acknowledgment to all who felt “lost in the smoke”.

The single comes first off Quiet Canyons’ forthcoming album, set to be released digitally and on limited colored vinyl via Trash Casual on February 12th. All nine songs were recorded within the span of two weeks by Williams himself, before being mixed by Dave Lynch (of Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne, UK), choosing to do it all on a vintage SSL console! The album was then sent to be mastered by Christian Wright at London’s Abbey Road Studios. With such breadth of talent and deep dedication to his craft, it’s apparent that Quiet Canyons will carry Williams to ever-higher heights.

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Quiet Canyons – “We Overflow” live:

Cover photo by Tim Seiwert; album art by Abbey Ley

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