The reunion of Tomorrows Bad Seeds

According to a recent Top Shelf Reggae interview conducted with TBS frontman Moi Juarez, Tomorrows Bad Seeds never fully broke up – they were just on hiatus to pursue other projects. That being said, it has been well over two years since an official TBS show has occurred, making Bad Seed fans all over the country ache for just one more performance. The band must have felt the call-to-action and decided it was dire time to do not just one, but two reunion shows at Saint Rocke, an intimate-sized venue in their hometown of Hermosa Beach.

It wasn't long until the news spread like wildfire and both shows were sold out in advance. With the option of either performance, I decided to attend the premier night to witness the excitement at its climax before the Bad Seeds boys took the stage, together once again. With two opening acts, the venue began to be more and more crowded to the point where 'sold out' was simply an understatement. People were twisting and squeezing their bodies around each other like a game of Twister, making missions to the bathroom or the bar too much to attempt past 11pm. I chose wisely to sneak a glass of wine in during the tranquil early hours of the night as Sono Vero implemented the stage. Although on the younger side, Sono Vero shines with the poise and polish of a reggae band that has been around for decades. There is a lot of promise in that band. Frontmen Moi and Rico Estrada of Ease Up spread the night's theme of camaraderie by joining their Sono Vero companions for a couple tracks – a motif not just for the reuniting headliners, but for all those involved.

One hit after another, the boys played on and on – never ceasing their energy and prowess.

The show progressed with Ease Up psyching up the crowd with their upbeat anthems before the main men hit the stage. Even though there was little room to spare, the audience found ways to dance as Ease Up's poppy melodies exploded from the speakers. A particularly engaging entity on the set list was Ease Up's own alternating rendition of Warren G and Nate Dogg's “Regulate” – a track not often heard at reggae-rock shows. Around this time, young and old alike were enjoying the evening, spreading positive vibes amongst each other in anticipation for the prime event.

Once the stage cleared, everyone in the building congregated at full attention on the floor, waiting for the Bad Seeds to come rock the house. Patty was first to lay down the beat, as Andre accompanied on bass. Then came Sean and Mat on guitar as well as a guest performer on keys. Finally, Moi jumped into the mix, launching immediately into some old TBS tracks. One hit after another, the boys played on and on – never ceasing their energy and prowess. The show was well worth the wait, but the best part in my opinion was to see the never-ending smiles on all the members faces; it was almost as if no time had passed at all.

Nobody knows if the two shows at Saint Rocke exist as an indication that the band wants to continue performing or if they will cease the project altogether for another couple years. To think that the reunion was nothing more than a mere publicity stunt is myopic to their potential, but the band will have to figure the future of TBS out on their own. What is evident from this experience is that after all this time, there is still high demand for Tomorrows Bad Seeds and will be forever.

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds “Vices”

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