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Katastro is a band from Tempe, Arizona. As self-described, they play rock, blues, funk, and hip hop music. All of these genres seem to blend well enough for the reggae-rock scene to embrace them as family. In fact, they joined Pepper, once again, to open up a nice all-ages show at the House of Blues in San Diego, California.

Katastro is fun, lively, and versatile.

Katastro has joined Pepper in prior times, and it is no surprise they brought the show to Pepper’s self-declared second home of San Diego. The two bands complement each other well. Katastro is fun, lively, and versatile. Kudos to the guitar and drum playing, the rockin’ bass, and front man, Andy Chaves. Katastro played such songs as, “Sweet Tangerines,” “Show Me The Road,” and “Runaway.”

Pepper had a nice crowd for a Monday night, and President’s Day for that matter. Admittedly, the band had a lot of passion that night, as was also evident from the feedback they received via social media. One of their best performances, Pepper played such songs as, “Rent,” “Bring Me Along,” “Start You Up,” “Stone Love,” and “F**k Around,” among many others. Their fans obviously adored them, and it was nice to hear them talk about starting their national tours in their second home.

For more information on either bands, check them out on various social media websites.

Katastro “Runaway” music video

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